Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Sorry I didn't post this on Christmas Day, but we were a little busy.
Let's see, the party at the neighbor's house went well. Everyone had to come over and meet us, but we are sure it was because of Miss C. She was the center of attention and loved watching everyone. She was quiet for the first fifteen minutes then started to play with a cup in my lap. She was just fine so long as no one actually tried to talk to her directly. She even got a very sweet teddy bear from the host and hostess as she was deemed the guest of honor.
I think we will be seeing these folks, the neighbors that is, more frequently than we did in SoCal. It's nice to have nice neighbors that aren't able to look into your backyard from their upstairs!
Miss C had a great time but I expect that she will have even more fun once we get to her Great Grandmother's house this weekend. We think her favorite gift so far was her remote control. It was from our old cable set. DH scrubbed it and boy, I don't think she has let it go more than a couple of minutes at a time. She was exhausted last night and slept well as usual.
As a gift to us, Miss C is now scooting backwards! Talk about a great gift. As I understand it, this is a precursor to crawling. We told her she is a little young to be doing this but she simply stuck out her tongue and gave us a raspberry! She is also saying "da" a lot more now so DH got his own Christmas gift from Miss C. I know she will be saying "ma" in time so I guess I will wait.
I am putting in a couple of cute pictures (go figure!) and then we're off! I have to work today so there are still a few things to take care of. I will try to post again soon.
Until then, hope everyone is having a great time!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Quick update

Sorry its been a while since I last posted. We've been staying busy, putting up drapes, working weird hours, playing Santa. We're apparently the subject of much debate and the neighbors are vying for our attendance at their gatherings. We are the new young couple with the baby, you know. We're only able to go to one of the parties (its tomorrow night) but we'll let ya'll know how everything works out! We're also stopping by a friend's house tomorrow morning to visit the new parents and little one that we mentioned a couple of weeks ago. We would have gone sooner but we have all been sharing a cold so we decided to wait until we were all better.
I know everyone else is busy too so I thought I would toss out a photo of our little "elf" and wish everyone Happy Holidays. I will post more when there is more to post!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Weekend fun

Hey there! Well, we made it through the mid watches so now we start eves on Monday. While I will no longer be at work throughout the night, I will have to miss Miss C's evening routine. On the plus side, DH gets a chance to settle a routine of his own with Miss C, get used to bathing her and all that. They are doing great regardless.

To make up for what i thought was a yucky two weeks of mid watches (those are 11pm to 8 am, roughly, by the way), Miss C and I made Christmas cookies today. Check out this picture. We were trying to frost some sugar cookies!

We did have a good time even though it looks like DH managed to catch Miss C between smiles.

We're getting ready for our winter trip to see DH's grandma. Everyone is so excited, I am not sure what Miss C will make of it but its bound to be memorable. I just wish she was able to see the rest of the family more often. Ah, well, maybe later, right?

That's pretty much it for now. Hope ya'll are having a great December and don't forget to toss me a comment every once in a while, ok?

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Miss C is 6 months old today!

*** Edited to add: Miss C did great at the doctor's. She officially weighs 18 lb 15.5 oz and is 27 1/8 inches long. Yea! *****

Wow! 6 months have already passed since Miss C joined our family. Here's a quick recap of where she stands:
1. Miss C rolls everywhere! She has definitely figured out this one. When we play, she often chases us around the rooms. Too much fun!
2. Miss C tries to "talk". We hear lots of compounds (ba, da, ga) but nothing that really means anything, at least nothing that we have figured out yet. She prefers to talk to the ceiling fan or the cat more than anything though!
3. Miss C has 6 teeth working their way back and forth. Poor baby. She gets the teeth to come through the gums then the gums swell and teeth disappear again only to make her have to go through the entire process all over again!
4. Miss C loves her solids! She seems to be very happy with sweet potatoes and squash (both smell much like spaghetti o's, don't they?) as well as just about every other one she has tried. We're going for peaches next then avocado! Yummy!
5. Miss C has great balance when seated (although she still hasn't figured out how to get to this position on her own).
6. Miss C really likes to stand up. She holds on to the foot stool or one of the chairs and stands there for a few minutes. She needs to know that one of us is sitting behind her but once she is sure of that, no problem. Its so cute to see her grin!
Well, that's pretty much it. We have her check up scheduled for tomorrow so I won't have her height and weight (or length and weight, rather) until then. Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!

Monday, December 3, 2007

First watch, well kind of

Well, I went in for my first watch tonight, this afternoon really. It was so hard. I spent the entire morning and an hour or so of the afternoon with Miss C. She was babbling, rolling, playing, all sorts of good stuff. She seems to be going through another growth spurt so she napped a little more frequently than I expected, but eh, no worries.
I went to get her from her last nap and thought, hey, she hasn't seen me yet (I only peeked in the room briefly and saw her playing with her pacifier) why don't I go use the bathroom?
Well, apparently she did see me and she started to cry. I mean cry, really, with tears. My baby never (I mean never, really, ask) cries. My heart broke. I just had to go to the bathroom! I wasn't leaving! Ugh.
Talk about starting out on a crappy note.
So, we hung out really close and ate again before I took her to Mrs J's house. She spent 3 hours there before DH picked her up.
Apparently the rest of the day was a piece of cake for her. She ate lots and played and was out before 7.

As far as my watch went, we did a drill (kind of practice, like a simulation) and that ended early. Then I did normal watch stuff, nothing terribly exciting. I did a little more work then got told to go home, no need to stay, I was "ahead of the curve." Yea me!

I guess I should know not to worry about Miss C right now since she is with DH (for the most part, Mrs J otherwise, really) when I am at work.
Its just that tonight was the first night I wasn't here for her bath or to put her to bed. Wednesday morning I won't be here, I will still be at work and DH has to take Miss C to Mrs J's house (I will pick her up after lunch, once I get a few hours of sleep) so he will be taking care of her morning routine and that makes me sad too. Not that I don't think he'll do a great job, just that I am not here to see her beautiful smile as she welcomes every new day.
I know, maybe I am expecting too much. Miss C probably won't remember that there were a few days every month when Mama wasn't there when she woke up or wasn't there to put her to bed. I just wanted it to be later, ya know?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Early Holiday Joy

Today was an exceptionally exciting day.

First, a couple of good friends of ours here in the Pacific Northwest had their baby (adorable Leila Marie!) this morning. She is just beautiful! They are all doing great.
In addition, I was finally able to upload a new video of Miss C with her new trick. The best part is at the end of the video, so please give it a minute, ok?

After all of that wonderful news, I got home to see Miss C received an early Christmas present. In our mail box was a neat package from Amazonqueen's DOM. What a wonderful blanket Miss C received! I attached a couple of photos we took today of her enjoying this wonderful gift.

OK, I admit, I had to call Alphagal to confirm the sender as I am not always current on her tia's real names!
Anyway, Alpha tells me that the blanket was Amazonqueen's idea so I have to publically thank both women for such a wonderful, enduring treasure. I know Miss C will enjoy it forever! I would give you loads of hugs if we were in person, but blog hugs will simply have to do until then!
I guess that's pretty much it for today. Thanks for stopping by! Drop a line if you get a chance, ok?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lookout! Here we come!

Well, Thanksgiving was lots of fun and Miss C and I have another couple of days before we both go back to our normal schedules. Her care provider, Mrs J, is home with her kids until Wednesday, so Miss C and I have been enjoying loads of time together. It turns out this is the week to be home. Since our leave started, Miss C has not only shown us that she can roll from her belly to her back, but also from her back to her belly! I swear I think the cat is traumatized. The first time we realized Miss C could roll both ways was when we jokingly told her to "go get the kitty" and, well, she did. It wasn't fast but the cat was sure the baby couldn't come close without our help. Boy was she wrong! My goodness the look on the cat's face when after a few minutes she glances over her shoulder at us to discover Miss C a mere foot away!

Aside from that major milestone, Miss C is getting more vocal. She tends to talk to the ceiling fans and the cat, but hey, she could be talking to us and just looking at the other stuff. Who knows! She's also got much better manual dexterity. Whenever she drops a toy, we can lean her over to pick it up herself. That too started out as us joking about it, leaning her down and voila, she picked it up. Crazy! Miss C is also great at balancing in a seated position. She can't put herself in that position but once she's there, she can play with toys and still stay in that position for a long while (20 minutes once!).

Well, hope you're having a great weekend and enjoying the football games as much as we are! Go Chargers!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What are you thankful for?

I am thankful (in no order what so ever)...
- that our cat survived yet another move (her fifth in nine years) relatively intact (she's still a little pissy about it!),
- that our house in SoCal is still standing after the Harris fire,
- that while we may still have our house in SoCal on the market, we are not in over our heads fiscally,
- for our daughter, Miss C, she is the light of my life and brings us so much happiness daily its impossible to imagine life without her,
- for my husband who puts up with me even when I do go a little nutty,
- that although we have been without my father for a decade now, our memories still run strong and we are able to share them with Miss C and her cousins (including stories of Herman!),
- for our families, every joy and every sorrow, we share as a family,
- that Uncle W and Aunt L's little one (due in late June) is on track and doing great,
- that Aunt A and her three children, Miss C's cousins, are thriving and growing so fast,
- that Aunt C and Cousin M, while on the opposite coast are doing well in their own ways,
- that Uncle J calls the day before Thanksgiving even though we understand he might be busy!
- that Uncle D, even though we aren't able to converse right now, is still doing well in his chosen career,
- that Auntie J is willing to give up her vacation to come visit us and help us out,
- that Miss C's Grandma and Grandpa are doing well and will be visiting around the new year,
- for our friends, those willing to read and comment here as well as those who call up just to say hi, stop by for a visit or lend an ear when we have concerns.
- for Alphagal and her DOM who are willing to come visit us when DH is on the road so we don't feel too overwhelmed so early on,
- for Poobou and her family who open their doors to us when we travel so Miss C isn't stuck in a plane and a car for six hours straight
- that Mrs J happily shares her home and her positive outlook with Miss C when DH and I have to work,
- for our new jobs which have allowed us to spend this Thanksgiving together
- for my new job, while i may have to stand silly watches, I won't be called on during this tour of duty to go overseas, to fight the war on terror on that front line,
- for DH's new job that allows us some semblance of normalcy by scheduling his departures in advance, as much as they can,
- for our friends and family, who while they may no longer be with us in body, remain so in spirit

- for the freedom to write and post blogs about what I am thankful for.

What about you? What are you thankful for this year?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanksgiving (A little early)

It's amazing how much a child can alter your perspective. This year I am more thankful than most, mainly because Miss C is doing great, very healthy and just about the happiest little one I have ever met. For the past month and some change, we have been adjusting to a new house, new jobs and all that. Miss C is doing a great job of adjusting to her new teacher (its better to think of Mrs J that way since she does educate Miss C) and a somewhat new schedule.
Oh! Miss C did make her very first Christmas ornament. It's the cutest snowman ever! She patted down home made play dough and helped "cut it out" with a cookie cutter. So very cool!
Due to a leave situation, I get to spend the next week and a half home with Miss C (Mrs J and family are going home for Turkey Day then taking a little vacation so...). I am really looking forward to spending time playing with my little one.
Ok. As far as the rest, still no drapes. The hardware has arrived but the drapes have not. We should see them sometime this week. Ugh! Enough already! I need drapes. This does show how far out in the boonies we really are since I haven't really griped about my lack of drapes that much!
Work is an interesting place. There are a lot of folks with a lot of different experience. We just went through a major system upgrade so a lot of what I have been learning about is now irrelevant. That frustrates me a little but I am sure I can learn the new system. I am still not 100% sure what I will be doing. I know I have to qualify as a watch officer and hopefully that can be done before DH has to go on his first road trip, but outside of that, I am not really sure. I have been talking to my boss and he has ideas that can apply basically everything I have done for the last 15 years, but I am afraid that would make wayyy too much sense so it probably won't happen.
One of the major concerns I have, after making sure I have child care set up for Miss C in the event that I am on shift work, is how I can take and do well in a class this spring. Miss C sleeps quite well, so I would have time, kind of. See, I have two classes left so I really do need to take one this spring and one this summer in order to graduate. Then I can take a little break before I start on the next degree. I guess i am just not sure of my time management skills once DH has to leave for his trips. Well, that's pretty much it. Consider yourselves caught up. If you're in town for Thanksgiving, drop on by. We fully expect to have wayyy too much food and will definitely be watching football. If not, know we are thankful for you all!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Miss C is 5 months old today!

Holy cow! Where did the time fly? Let's just get moving onto the latest, shall we?
1. Miss C is now officially an ankle biter. Yesterday, while sitting in DH's lap, playing, Miss C leaned down and wrapped her chubby little arms around his foot and put her wee little teeth into his ankle! It caused more laughter than anything else, but yes, folks, its official, Miss C is an ankle biter!
2. Miss C loves to play with her toes, her feet, her hands, everything. Check out this new photo of her tasting her toes. Too cute!

3. Miss C has 6 (I kid you not!) teeth coming in, the four bottom front and the 2 top front. The bottom front have broken through but are still quite clear so they are hard to see. The top left one has a point through and the top right is swollen. Poor kid! She drools like a champ though and doesn't complain much. She does use everything she can get her hands on to help her. She even likes the "Super Soothies" pacifier and holder to chew on!
4. Miss C is much better at balancing while sitting up. She sits in her boppy to play. This has in turn led to her sitting up in the bath tub so now we are giving her baths in her little tub but without the back support. Instead, she gets Mommy back support. She likes it this way, her ducky is always at hand!
5. Miss C is more fond of oat meal than rice cereal. This didn't take long to figure out. We started her off on rice cereal and a week or so later decided, what the heck, give oat meal a shot. I kid you not, she loves it!
6. At first glance, Miss C is not fond of green beans (see photo below). This is, however, the first time she tried them and she had recently gotten up from a nap. I think that she will grow to like tons of stuff, but we couldn't stop ourselves from taking this photo. It reminds me of how DH looks when I offer him green beans!

7. Miss C is much more communicative. For example, when she needs something, she leans towards it and gets it. If she can't reach it, she grunts for us to get it for her. When she is hungry, if I am holding her, she will grab my face and suck on my chin. She got her care provider's nose the other day because she "missed a sign" that Miss C was hungry. She will even pat your chest if she thinks that will help!
Well, that's pretty much it for today. Miss C caught a little new care provider bug. Just a little stuffed up, well, more like runny snot, but you know how it is. We've got her leaning just slightly in her crib and it, as usual!, helps keep her clear so she sleeps well. All we have to do now is get over this one hour time shift. It seems to take Miss C a little while to adjust. Its really such a neat process!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Settling in

I have to say, this is really a challenging transition. My entire career I have been driven to excel. I still feel that same drive but it is tempered by something else, an intense desire to spend as much time as I possibly can with Miss C. I have 5 years to go before I am eligible for retirement. There's no turning back now. Its just that with my last job, well, I had a lot more flexibility with my hours than here. As I mentioned in my last posting, we found a great provider for Miss C during the day, but when DH has to go on the road, I will probably be on shifts so I have to come up with an alternate plan for the days that I have evening or even night watches. I can do some watch exchanges with other folks who prefer not to be around during the day, but I am trying to convince the powers that be that once I complete the qualification that I should take over one of the day jobs, one more in line with my rank as I am senior amongst the watch officers. See what I mean? Before, it would have been no big deal, but now....

Speaking of Miss C, she is doing great! She is having a little difficulty adjusting to day light savings time, but who isn't? We're trying to adjust her little by little. She only got up 45 minutes earlier than normal this morning so it looks like we will do this in 15 minute intervals!

Be sure to check out the flickr and if you get time, the you tube too, I managed to upload a couple there in the past week or so. I still have more videos to upload but when I have a choice between playing tummy time with Miss C or uploading videos, well, the videos always end up waiting!

Oh, before I forget again, I have been meaning to post formal congrats to my brother W and his wife L. They are going to be parents around Miss C's birthday! So, congrats again and don't be afraid to post or check out Alphagal or Poobous' posts. We're all more than happy to answer any questions or help in any way!

Monday, October 29, 2007

What a busy week we have had!

Ok, so when we last visited Miss C's doctor, we discussed some signs that Miss C might be ready to start on cereals. For example, does she eat more than normal? Is she teething? Does she show an interest in our food? Can she hold her head up? Can she sit unsupported in a chair? Well, the answer was yes to all of the above. One of the main reasons we chose to start cereals recently is that Miss C seems to need them. She is still primarily getting breast milk, but she has been getting some cereal in the evenings lately. We are going to start with breakfast soon.

Speaking of which, check out this great photo of Miss C and her Daddy!

In addition to that major change, DH's sister, J, came out for a week. She did us the great favor of organizing what we are now calling our library (its a ton of books in both our office and the family room but they are only separated by a set of double doors so...). It looks great and will look even better once we get our drapes but please, don't ask about those! We took some time and put up some wallies on Miss C's ceiling fan and in her bathroom. Check out this picture from her bathroom.

Pretty neat, eh? Miss C loves yellow and seems to like the fish!

In addition, Miss C got to spend lots of time with her Auntie J. They get along great and had a blast playing together. It only took Miss C about 3 days to become really relaxed with her. As you can see, they get along famously.

I went back to work today. First "real" work day here in the great Northwest. It's a neat job and I am looking forward to learning a lot and working with the folks here. My only concern is the fact that there are shifts here and there may be times when I have to have someone stay with Miss C at night for a few nights or in the evening for a few evenings if DH is gone. I am trying not to stress the possibility out, but its there. This is also the longest I have had Miss C at day care. She was at Ms. J's house today from 7 am to 330 pm. It will probably be 4 pm tomorrow. I feel like I am not doing something right because she is there so much, but my working hours, right now, are 730 am to 4 pm so I am struggling to make sure Miss C isn't there too much longer than she has to be. I don't really have a choice because DH's hours are about the same as mine. I keep telling myself something that DH's Mom told me once, "It's not the quantity of time you spend with your daughter but the quality." I hope she's right.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

BUMBO RECALL?!! Not as bad as it sounds.

I just saw this article on about the bumbo recall. Information from the safety commission can be found here. Apparently there have been a few reported injuries caused by kids in bumbos on counter tops, table tops, etc. Yea, I know. There is a warning on the side of ours, but apparently that is not enough. Wonder what the new sticker will say, if I send for it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

San Diego is burning

I have never been more relieved for having moved to the great northwest than when I logged on to read about the 2007 California Wildfires. We still own a house down there and thankfully, its still standing. I have been checking the register of folks who have been evacuated but who have registered their names on line.
I know we are all thinking positive thoughts for our friends stuck in SoCal and hope that everyone comes out all right. Positive thoughts and lots of prayers going out to my friends down south.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Almost done!

Ok, so today started out pretty normal. Miss C, sleeping in her nursery, woke me up around 430 for an early breakfast. She went back to sleep afterwards for another hour or so then was up for the day. She has been going through yet another growth spurt so she is all eat and sleep lately. She still plays but its not for as long as normal. She gets so tired during growth spurts!
We had her 4 month check up today and she is now 26 inches long and weighs 16 pounds 9 ounces! Her head circumference is 16 inches. According to the doctor, she is 95th percentile for height and weight and 50th percentile for head circumference. Same as her last check up. She is
doing terrific, developing fast and in all an outstanding child! Would you have expected anything different?

Miss C did really well with her immunizations today. We gave her a little Tylenol (doctor's approval of course) about an hour before her shots (we were aiming for 15 minutes but there was a huge line for shots today!) and she only cried once the needles were in her legs. She stopped almost as soon as DH picked her up. Once we got home she ate and is now in bed. I know she needs a nap. That "quick appointment" took almost 2 and 1/2 hours! Got to love Navy medicine!
As far as my almost done comment, we are almost done unpacking. Have I mentioned lately how much I hate moving?I used to kind of like it, the whole change of scenery aspect and all that, but I am soooo tired of moving, packing, unpacking, crap like that. The house is looking great but we are still without drapes. I know, can you imagine? Luckily, we live on over 2 acres so there is no one remotely close to check out the house. DH took some of our fleece blankets and tacked them up over certain windows (primarily those in the bedrooms). We have met with
someone regarding drapes but apparently custom drapes take time to be made. We will be lucky if we have drapes by December. Oh well, its better to do them right the first time, right?
What else? Oh! We found a wonderful care provider for Miss C. Her name is Miss J (for privacy purposes of course) and she has 2 kids of her own (6 y.o. and 9 y.o.) who are great (we met them as well) and she takes care of two other kids (another 6 y.o. and a 1 y.o.). Miss C is very comfortable with Miss J and so are DH and I. Its amazing how much more affordable care is here! Seriously! I am spending about 1/3 as much as I was in So Cal on child care. That
makes a huge difference when you make less money and have two mortgages (hopefully we will find a buyer sooner rather than later!).

I have taken some photos but because we aren't really going to decorate until we get the drapes up, its kind of not right to show off the house in its current state. Don't misunderstand, this is a great, gorgeous house. I just want you all to enjoy it in its full glory. For that to happen, we need drapes! DH and I are very pleased with the progress we have made on the house (no more boxes in all of the rooms!) but we are convinced there is more to do. Ugh! Since we are both starting work soon, the changes might need to happen on weekends and when we take leave next (probably over Christmas). We still plan on flying out to see DH's family at Christmas (an annual tradition when we live on the mainland) but we will work on the house when we can regardless.
Oh! So DH decided to share the following with me. Apparently while playing with her daddy, Miss C rolled over from her back to her belly! He thinks she didn't do it on purpose (she apparently was kind of pissed off when it happened) but darn! I wonder, do kids really practice stuff before they show one of their parents? Hope to be able to share seeing this myself soon!

Well, that's pretty much it. Not too much to report. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Miss C is 4 months old today!

Well, its been a wild four months. If you had asked me a year ago what I thought this would be like, I would have definitely not been able to guess.
Miss C is more wonderful than we ever imagined possible. We've been so busy this past month that its hard to remember what i have already gushed about and what I have simply spoken to friends about.
So, without further ado, Miss C's current status:
1. Check up is on the 16th (new doctor, harder to get an appointment, apparently!) but we are estimating her weight at 16 pounds and her height around 26 1/2 inches. I promise to post when I get the actual numbers.
2. She is sleeping in her nursery at night! Yea. I know, this was really a challenge for me to accept that she is fine sleeping in her own room. I mean, it should have been a no-brainer but since we took longer to move her because we didn't set up a nursery until now, well, it was more difficult. I was going to wait until today, her actual 4 month day, but DH suggested we do it on her 16 week day. He just thought sooner the better to get me used to it. Well, the first night she slept so peacefully. It didn't dawn on me until well after I got up the next day to check the channel on the monitor. Low and behold, I had the wrong channel in. Now, this may be a large house, but it is very quiet at night. So, I tell myself, if she really needed anything, she would have simply hollered loud enough for me to hear. Since that first night, she has started stirring around 430 or 5am and I get up to feed her simply to alleviate the pressure in my chest. She used to go right back to sleep but apparently her nursery offers some slight stimulation in the dark because after I put her back to bed, kiss her and tell her to go back to sleep, I hear her talking (to herself? her toys?) for about 20 minutes before she goes back to sleep. It's so cute!
3. She has three teeth broken through working on a fourth. they are all bottom teeth. I would love to post photos but as they are all clear still, no joy there. She chews on everything she can get her hands on up to and including her hands. If I haven't already done so, thank you to all who saw fit to give her teething toys at the baby shower! they have certainly come in handy earlier than we anticipated!
4. She lies on her side. Since she found her feet a couple (?) of weeks ago, Miss C spends a lot of time on her side. Its a combination of finding and playing with her feet as well as having a different view. Her balance is simply amazing!
5. She loves her jumperoo! We were given a jumperoo (thanks J, C and B!) from some friends who's son had either out grown it or didn't like it. Well, Miss C loves it! It has definitely come in handy while we have been unpacking around here. I just put the jumperoo in a door way where I am unpacking boxes and Miss C bounces and goes in circles while chewing on teething rings and teething keys, happily talking to me, the cat, anything in her line of sight. No videos yet, but again, we are still moving in! ;-)
6. Miss C equally loves her Exersaucer! This, if you are unfamiliar, is like a walker without wheels. Apparently those are no longer allowed. Too many injuries, I guess. If you have stairs, block them off (duh!) and if you aren't paying attention, well, you're kind of asking for trouble, right? Anyway, Miss C's Aunt C and Cousin M got her this great contraption at the baby shower and DH put it together the other day. Here is a photo of her enjoying her new toy!
Well, that's pretty much it. I know I am barely under the wire for "today" on the east coast. Forgive me. We interviewed 3 folks to care for Miss C. Found 1 we thought would be great but found out there was someone who interviewed her before us and they got the last spot (she only has 3 total). So, I am off again tomorrow to hopefully find the right person. Luckily the navy has an office I call where they give me a list of names and numbers of navy certified home care providers who have a spot available in the right age. I just have to find the right one and let me tell you, it's scary! Wish us luck!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Talk about busy!

The actual move, getting to the new house that is, was pretty simple. Miss C is a great traveler and entertained not only herself but also those around her during our flight. Heck, even her sleeping was apparently entertaining.
A random thought here, why is it some people expect children to remain silent on flights when they (those who expect silence) are louder than every one else? Are they envious?
Anyway, thanks again to Poobou and clan for letting us hang out. I know it wasn't that long, but you made a world of difference. Miss C had a great time, she was able to strech, grab some toes, holler with C-baby, all that good kid stuff that being stuck in a car seat or on Mommy's lap prevents her from doing. The pictures poobou posted are awesome and we're looking forward to our next visit.
We've been working on unpacking the house for the past 3 or so days. I think we have made considerable progress. I have taken some before photos but one of the results of our reorganizing is my camera case has taken a short hiatus. I am sure i will locate it in the next day or so. When I do, I will load some photos. Promise!
Oh, Miss C is 16 weeks old today (not really 4 months until the 9th!) and to celebrate, she is spending tonight in her own room. There are no boxes (that room really was a priority) but there are no decorations yet. I have to take some photos of her crib and dresser. I picked them up from Target but its cherry. i also got the matchign three drawer dresser. It looks great. We have a swing in the room but saw a very cute kids recliner that we might pick up. I know, silly but Miss C will need a chair so...
Well, that's about it. Just a reminder, be sure to comment! No lurkers! ;-)

The Great Mofo Delurk 2007

Friday, September 28, 2007

Moving day

Well, we already moved our stuff up north so today was supposed to be easier. It wasn't. Today was Miss C's last day at this day care and the day we left our house in SoCal for greener pastures (literally). Miss C and I are staying at a hotel in town until Sunday but DH and Sammy are driving from the airport to the new house as I type this. DH flies back here tomorrow then starts yet another long drive to get the rest of our stuff and my little SUV up north.
I let Miss C stay a little later at day care than normal because her teachers (so awesome, by the way) were so sad about today being her last day. When I got there, her main teacher had Miss C in her lap. I think she spent the entire day in that position. Miss C has gone through so many changes since we started day care two months ago. I know its not been a long time, but she really bonded with her teachers. There are a couple of photos in the flickr of Miss C and two of her teachers. We will miss them.
Sammy apparently is doing ok on the drive from the airport to the house. DH and I think she wore herself out. Miss C is already in bed, tired little bug. She knows something is going on and responds when I stress. I really have been trying not to stress but she picks up on my every vibe. Good thing she mellows me out, I suppose. She started to let me sleep through the night (like that turn of phrase? Alphagal used it to explain when the baby is sleeping continuously so the Mommy can get a whole night's sleep). I am afraid that the moving might cause a set back with the sleep but as long as Miss C is doing well, I can deal with whatever sleep I get, or don't get.
Ok, so we get up north on Sunday and our stuff gets delivered on Tuesday. I promise to take and post lots of pictures, including of Miss C in warmer clothing. We are scheduled to visit Poobou when we get there as she is willing to let us hang out for a little while so Miss C can stretch before a two hour (or so!) drive. I can't wait to see her Cate and introduce the girls. Last (and first, for that matter) time we saw them, Cate was a mere 6 weeks old. My, how time has flown!
Well, that's it for now. Wish us a smooth move!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

New Video!!!

Miss C is getting to be so active! She wears herself out (as well as the both of us!) daily but I thought you might enjoy yet another video of her. Hopefully I haven't bored you all too much! I know that Miss C's grandparents occasionally get a chance to check the blog, so we try to post videos for them since they don't get to see her very often.
We're here in SoCal for another week then off on our new adventure. If you haven't hopped onto the flickr page to check out the house, I encourage it. Just so you can understand why we are gushing about the house. There is a lot more space in the new house and more rooms. It will be neat to have a workout room as well as a nursery and guest room.
DH and I are still working on selling the house here. Its a slow market so we are trying to avoid stressing out. If we don't sell it by Christmas, we will reevaluate, maybe look for a renter, something different. Trying not to get all freaked out over the slow market. I am sure plenty of you out there understand.
Besides, all stressing out does is stress out our little one. Who, as you can see in the photos attached and on our flickr, is just a bundle of joy! She found that one of DH's fingers works really well for teething.Ok, guess that's it for now.
Here's the aforementioned video. You really do need to have the audio on to truly enjoy this one. Miss C is just a happy camper playing with her Daddy!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

We closed on the house!

Sorry its been so long since I last posted. We've been pretty busy lately.
Miss C and I flew up to meet DH at the new house and we closed last Friday! I am posting a couple of photos here and the rest are on our Flickr. I am also posting a photo of Miss C and myself on Miss C's first airplane ride. She did so wonderfully! I thought it might be more challenging but after all of the stimulation of the terminal, Miss C ate and fell asleep right away once we boarded each flight. She slept half of the first flight and two-thirds of the second. We've determined that her pacifier works really well for both take off and landing so she just eats when she wants (like normal) and we keep the pacifier in the rest of the time.

I failed to realize how much attention she would get each time we went out. We must have taken her all over the place and Miss C, with her big blue eyes and gorgeous smile earned praise from everyone we came across. I have noticed that more Grandmas come over to talk to her than anyone else. Too cute!
The house is terrific! As you can see in the photos, its is huge! We're figuring out what room is for what (Miss C's nursery, the guest bedroom, the work out room, etc) and are working with our builder to make some minor changes, or additions, as it were. For example, we are putting ceiling fans in almost all of the rooms. It helps that Miss C loves her ceiling fans! We won't be able to get our stuff until we get back up there at the end of the month, so we will have our work cut out for us when we finally move for good. To be frank, I would be thrilled if this is our last move ever. Keep your fingers crossed that we love the area!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Miss C is 3 months old today!

Ok, so Miss C is 13 weeks old but she is also only now 3 months old. That still messes with my head, but alas it is true. Can someone answer me one question? When do you stop counting weeks and go to months?
Time for Miss C's marvelous accomplishments! (Yep, Mommy time here!)
1. Miss C is sleeping quite well. While she isn't sleeping "through the night" she does sleep from approximately 730pm to 430am (sometimes its 230 or 330am) then eats and goes right back to sleep until we get her up for school. Too awesome! The other day when we were staying at the hotel (you remember that we had our stuff packed out and had cleaners in), Miss C went to bed at 730pm. A few minutes later we heard giggles. I swear, giggles, and DH went to check on her. He poked his head over the side of the crib to discover Miss C engaged in a full on conversation with her hands! She smiled up at him and giggled again. DH said "shh, it’s time to go to sleep." Miss C turned her head and went to sleep. Too funny!
2. This goes with the last story, Miss C now giggles. I mean, a full on baby girl giggle. It’s too cute!
3. Miss C found her hands. I know I mentioned it in an earlier posting, but it is an accomplishment for her age.
4. Miss C's bottom two front teeth are coming in. They have broken through and the diapers are getting more interesting every day. On the plus side, since she also found her hands she helps herself out when it comes to the irritating teeth. She is known to chew on anything she can get her hands on.
5. Miss C found her feet and toes! As you can see in the attached video, she is rather fond of her feet. I think she spends an equal amount of time on her feet as she does chewing things like her hands and bib.
That's pretty much it for now. It’s all very incredible to me as she is our little one. I don't have another doctor's appointment for her until 4 months so I don't know precisely her height and weight, but estimating, we think she is about 15 pounds (roughly twice her birth weight, which I have been told to expect) and 26 inches long! She is definitely going to be a tall girl!
Well, I am putting in one new photo and a new video but I have also added some to the flickr. I plan to bring the camera on our flight so we have some photos commemorating Miss C's first airborne experience. I am sure she will do great.
Thanks Alphagal and Poobou for your recommendations regarding the flight. I am sure it will be a lot of fun!
Hopefully I will have news of our closing on the new house shortly. Until then, have a wonderful day!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Happy Labor Day

Hope everyone is able to take a little time off this weekend. We're putting stuff aside so we have what we need once the movers leave with our stuff. If all goes well, DH will have our stuff in the house up north before Miss C and I fly up at the end of the month. Originally we discussed driving up there, the three of us, but DH made a very persuasive argument that its just too far to expect Miss C to happily ride in a car. It costs a little more, but its worth it for her comfort. So, DH will drive my car up at the end of the month and Miss C and I will fly.
Other than that, just wanted to share a couple of photos. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yea, baby!

Miss C is doing great. As you can see in this photo, she is getting bigger and just changing at lighting speed.
She slept 9 hours straight last night (730pm to 430am) then went back to sleep after a hearty meal. While some books say sleeping this long constitutes sleeping all night, I stick by my original assertion that until she sleeps from the time she goes to bed until the time she has to get up for school, she is merely sleeping well rather than sleeping all night. In either case, yea!
The teeth are bothering her a little more than in the past, but that was bound to happen. She actually only ate once at school before coming home and that was at 8 in the morning and she didn't come home until almost 1! Isn't that crazy? Apparently she also took a 2 1/2 hour nap today after she ate so I guess between eating at home right before school and eating a full bottle little more than an hour later stated Miss C for a while. She certainly made up for it once she got home. Poor DH had to deal with a very hungry baby once he got back.
Well, that's pretty much it. We're going to be spending the weekend putting stuff up for the move. We're packing out next week and need to make sure that we have everything we want to take up ourselves separated. We're also going up north in a couple of weeks to check the place over and hopefully close then. Still stressing about selling the house here in Socal, but its a great house so it will sell. Its just a matter of time, right?
Have a great Labor Day weekend and thanks to everyone who called/emailed/dropped by for the birthday wishes yesterday!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Playing, teething and growing, oh my

Well, its been a few days and Miss C is doing as well as ever. She met my second brother, J, when he came out for a visit. Don't they just look cute together?

In addition to her teething and normal playing, it seems like Miss C might be in the midst of another growth spurt. Now, here's my question, when are babies not in a growth spurt? Miss C grew 4 inches in her first two months and I am sure she has already grown at least another 1/2 inch. I think DH and I are just two of the luckiest people though. Despite going through all of this at a very young age, Miss C is as talkative and playful as ever. OK, so maybe today she decided that she needed a nap in Mommy's arms, but who can deny their little one that comfort? She's just terrific.
Aside from my motherly gushing, our visit with J went great. His business is doing well and he finally got a chance to visit us, which always includes extra sleep! It was nice to see him again. The last time we saw him was over Thanksgiving.
We're still trying to sell the house. We're also trying to get our pack out done for our move up north. DH is going to go ahead of us towards the middle of the month so when Miss C and I fly up, he can meet us at the airport etc. We should be closing on the new house in a couple of weeks then moving permanently a couple of weeks after that. Sammy is already a bit perturbed since we have been moving stuff around the house for showings, but she will be even more pissed when we have to board her during our trip to close on the new house. It'll be OK though.
Well, that's pretty much it. Keep your fingers crossed that we get another showing and perhaps a valid offer on this place soon! ;-)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Yea sleep!

OK, so if you have been keeping up, you know that Miss C is teething and luckily found her hands so she can help herself. Her teachers comment on how active she remains, including her new found love of toys and tasting them!
Well, yesterday Miss C decided to take a rather long nap after an early dinner. About 6 pm she decided she was tired and slept for about 40 minutes. Plenty of time for DH and myself to enjoy a leisurely dinner. I was a little worried that she wouldn't sleep well since she had that long a nap. I apparently had little to be concerned with.
After getting up from her nap, we took Miss C upstairs and got her ready for bed. This routine consists of lotion and pj's followed by reading or talking with her. Every other day there is also a bath but last night wasn't a bath night. After she was dressed, we played with Miss C upstairs. You know, talking to her, blowing kisses, all that fun stuff. Around 720 I took her back downstairs for second dinner. She likes to be full for bedtime. She ate heartily for about 10 minutes then she was out. I mean, out! We decided, what the heck, kid's tired its right around her normal bed time, let her sleep and put her in bed.
I didn't hear a peep out of her until 345! I swear! She slept for over 8 hours! She woke up and let me know she was STARVING but otherwise fine. She ate and went right back to sleep. The only "oddity" was she woke up at 5 am crying. I picked her up and cuddled with her and walked for about 5 minutes and she was back asleep. We think it was her teeth. In either case, holy cow! She slept 8 hours! I don't quite consider that sleeping "through the night" because she didn't get up for school until 6, but its a huge step. It seems like she is getting more sleep every night.
Well, keep your fingers crossed that this trend continues! My brother J is coming in town today so Miss C gets to meet another Uncle! Yea! Its bound to be another fun visit!

Friday, August 17, 2007


Holy cow! Ok, so I just posted about DH being home and spending the day with Miss C while I was at work. Well, when I got home DH told me that Miss C has been doing something with her hands. WHAT?!! She found her hands today! Really! She's been starting to notice them, but she FOUND THEM! Check out this great picture of Miss C and her Pooh. I am sure that E-baby's visit had something to do with this discovery, either by showing Miss C how much fun hands are or how much fun Pooh is!
OK, second HUGE find today.. Miss C is getting a tooth! Yes, really! I even saw it (that took forever to peek in her little mouth without her tongue coming out or trying to bite your finger!). The bottom front left tooth is just starting to break through. Well, that certainly explains all of the extra drool!

Well, you'll have to forgive me, but i have to get back to Miss C!

Have a great weekend!

DH is home!

DH got home yesterday. Ten minutes after Miss C and I got back from work/school, I got a call requesting a showing. Go figure. No complaints, trust me, we need to sell the house, but doesn't it just figure that the first time DH sees Miss C in over 2 weeks, we have to scramble to show the house? Ah, well, we're making up for it today. DH and Miss C are spending today together while I am at work. I am sure they are having a great time.

For those of you who have known myself and Alphagal forever, the photo I am including here (from Alphagal's collection) was taken during the recent visit. The pose should look familiar since we took so many totem pole photos starting back in high school! Its a natural pose when one of you is 9 inches taller than the other. Makes it easier on the photographer. Anyway, this one is slightly different because we have more than just the two of us in the photo. And, yes, Miss C is asleep (great walk!).
I plan to take tons more photos now that DH is home. Hope ya'll have a great weekend! I know we will.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Alphagal, E-baby and DOM departed today

Well, we had a great visit! I included one of the videos from the visit here.

If you want to see more, go to our youtube page (the link is to the right).

E-baby has gotten so big and she is talking and trying to get new words every day. Miss C is learning from her and is now making more raspberries than ever before! They are so cute together. Unfortunately, they are both so young still that they don't really play together, yet! Just throwing in a couple of photos here. Be sure to hop on the flickr page and see more. Alphagal should be uploading some to her flickr too, once they finally get home.

DOM made sure we all ate regularly and well. She is so nice to cook and then clean up to give us more time with the kids. It was a learning experience listening to her tell about Alphagal and her brother. Miss C fell in love with all three! We spent to so much time in awe over the changes we see in both kids. Who would have imagined that by this point both Alphagal and I would be married to two terrific men and have these two wonderful babies? Hmm!

Almost every morning we all took a nice long walk around the neighborhood. Miss C is much more comfortable in her baby bjorn and seemed to love the walks, no matter what time of day they were. She is taking naps better since the visit began, although she is so enthralled with everything that E-baby is more entertaining than normal. The only difference was the day before everyone left, Alphagal and company took a tour of the Zoo. I understand everyone had a great time! Lots of dogs to see (ask Alphagal about that one!).

Its crazy, but I think Miss C went through another growth spurt during the visit because she looks so much different than when everyone got here. I don't know what DH is going to think when he gets home and gets to see Miss C!

Well, we all had a great time and can't wait for the next visit. The house up north is getting close to completion and we are getting close to moving. Time is starting to get short for us here in Southern California.

Hope ya'll get a chance to check out the videos and new photos. Let us hear from you on occasion, ok?

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Miss C is 2 months old today

Well, today is Miss C's two month day. For her gift, she got to go to the doctor's and get her immunizations. But first, let's talk about her accomplishments thus far.
* Miss C is strong enough to go facing out in her baby bjorn. We water the lawn together in the evenings, when its not so hot, and Miss C really enjoying being out there in her baby bjorn. We have decided that when we go out somewhere now we will be sure to take it so she doesn't get cooped up in a stroller as much.
* Miss C is sleeping longer, regularly. She goes to bed consistently between 830 and 900 every night and wakes between 130 and 230 every morning. We are hoping the 230 is more regular than the 130. She goes back to sleep right afterwards and wakes up again around 430 or 5. Again, time dependent. I think if she wasn't breastfeeding, she would already sleep through the night, but that's another topic all together! I am also learning that she might decide to move her bedtime up earlier like she did last night (8 o'clock!).
* Miss C is learning how to grasp things. We play together a lot and she is starting to figure out how to hold onto rattles and other toys. She recognizes different patterns and likes to make her toys make noise, like a rattle or toy on her gym that rattles when she hits it.
* Miss C likes the "kid in the mirror." I thought she wasn't too into mirrors since she tends to turn away from ours in the bathroom but I think that's just her. There is a small, kidsafe mirror on her gym and she "talks" to the "kid in the mirror" pretty often.
* Miss C while being able to take a pacifier, doesn't require one to sleep. I know this may not sound like an accomplishment, but I was concerned that she would "have to have" the pacifier to sleep. Not the case.
That's pretty much it. She is now 13lbs 3 oz and 24 1/2 inches (go figure, she's going to be a tall one!) and the doctor says she is doing terrific (who thought otherwise, right?).
Thanks for sharing this special day with us. We might not blog for a few days since Alphagal, E-baby and DOM are visiting. Look forward to tons more photos after they depart.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A busy week

Well, its been almost a week since DH left on his business trip. Little Miss C and I have been having a great time, spending lots of time together playing, talking, the normal stuff. She still goes to school a few hours a day during the week to give me a chance to take care of the house and stuff relating to our upcoming move.
Alphagal, E-baby and DOM are coming out Thursday which coincides with Miss C's two month day and, gasp, her two month check up. Poor Alphagal and company have to deal with us after Miss C's first real immunizations. I don't really count the Hep B shot she got at birth since she was crying to begin with. DH is missing this milestone but I am sure he's not too upset at missing the immunizations. According to everyone i have talked to, the shots hurt Mommy more than baby. I've decided to bring my baby Tylenol with so I can just give her however much the doctor permits right away to alleviate the pain as quickly as possible.
I attached yet another photo (you all have got to be getting sick of me and my photos!) of Miss C and her infectious grin. I just love her to death! She is awesome!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Video blog

Check out this cute video. Miss C and I are having a chat after she finished dinner. Isn't she just the cutest?

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

DH had to leave on a work trip today

DH left today for his most recent work trip. Its the first time he had a trip since Miss C was born. Its the first time the three of us aren't in the same place. Its weird. I took Miss C into school a little later than normal today so she could spend more time with her Daddy. I am on leave but I have to do some work still. Nothing big, just flight physical stuff and we already agreed I would keep taking her to school so we are both still used to it. She had a normal day and I got some stuff done that would have taken quite a bit longer had she been home. We've been home from school for an hour now and Miss C ate and already had a nice nap (about 45 minutes, which for her is good). We are watching the ceiling fan in the den. Normal day. I miss DH already and I am sure he misses both of us. I am attaching a couple of recent pictures of DH and Miss C so when he gets a chance to check here, he will see them. Hope ya'll are having a fun day too!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Growth spurt

Poor Little Miss C. I know I have been writing about how active and happy Miss C is, despite her young age, but she isn't as active or happy today. We think she is feeling the effects of this latest growth spurt. Instead of playing most of the after noon, Miss C has been napping more than ever. I know, most babies her age do sleep this much, but every baby is different and this one likes to be awake and play. This is why I feel so bad for her. She wakes up ravenous, eats longer and harder than before and then goes to sleep. At school her teachers have commented on her reaction to their pulling away the bottle to burp her halfway through. Needless to say, its not a pretty sight. Apparently Miss C gets beet red and yells like a banshee! Otherwise she is just the happiest little girl in the place. Poor baby. I know she has gained some weight and gotten a little longer recently so I know why she is being like this, but as all Moms know, you want to do everything you can to protect your little ones. I only hope she gets back to her normal, happy self soon. Until then, I will hold her as close as she will allow and soothe her poor aching baby body. Baths and lotion are the call for the day and lots of cuddling. Can someone who has gone through this tell me if I am doing this correctly?

Friday, July 27, 2007

We survived

We made it. We managed to not only make it through our first week of school but also enjoyed it. I feel a bit guilty that I like going to work, but I get to talk to adults other than DH. I get to do more than laundry, dishes and change diapers. To be honest, my 6 weeks home have given me an increased appreciation for what stay at home moms do.
I would love to be able to spend all of my time with Miss C but I can't, my career will not allow it. I don't mean that if I did I wouldn't succeed, I mean I literally am not permitted due to my obligations to the military. Because of this, I have been forced to send Miss C to school/day care earlier than I would like and get back in the swing of things. Having worked this week, I don't know how I could handle staying at home.
Its kind of confusing. I love Miss C. I am so overwhelmed by her. Everyday she changes and grows. I am astounded by how much more aware and able she is each time we play together. As you can see by the picture, Miss C has experienced a very tough week of playing, learning and growing (pretty sure she is in the midst of a growth spurt!) and is exhausted!
Next week will be yet another learning experience for all of us. DH has a trip coming up and will have to miss a couple of weeks with Miss C. I promised to take loads of pictures and videos but I have to admit, I would hate to lose that much time, especially this early. I will also be spending this time with Miss C by myself until Alphagal and company arrive to visit.
This time with Miss C has given me a greater appreciation for everything service members with children endure during deployments. The first time I spent more than 2 hours apart from her (that would be earlier this week, Tuesday, when I took her to day care for the first time), I swore my heart was going to break in two. I wanted to turn around and "rescue" my poor baby. Through out the course of this week, i have seen that the folks at school really do enjoy their jobs, they take great care of the kids including Miss C and its a very safe place for her to spend some time during the day. I was concerned that she would be relegated to a crib but I chose wisely and she gets boppy time, tummy time, lots of conversation and stimulation and cuddling by as many of the staff as can get a chance to visit. I am relieved.
I have deployed for the last 14 years and spent many years apart from DH. While being away from him and other family and friends has been tough, I can't imagine not being here to kiss Miss C good night or not to hold her and soothe her when she gets scared. This is definitely a new experience! (Oh yea, Miss C is 7 weeks old tomorrow, for those keeping track! Has it been that long? OMG, she has changed so much already!)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

First day back at work

So, today was my first day back at work after having the baby. I felt like I was starting a new job, ya know? Luckily, I still know everyone there and only a couple were confused about where I have been.
Miss C is such a happy baby! She is all smiles, even in the morning when I am trying not to be sad about taking her to day care, or rather, school. The folks there think she is just the most adorable girl (yea, that's what they tell me, but they probably tell all parents that!) and she seems to not hate it. I don't really have much of a choice in either case. DH picked her up early (about 1230, it seems he does get out of work a tad bit earlier than I do on occasion!) and I snuck home a few hours later. Yep, I actually even called the place to make sure she was doing fine (her teacher encourage it. Said all the new moms do it).
Carried around a small photo album at the office, since most of the folks haven't met Miss C yet. I can't believe some of the conversations. Now that I am in the "club" some of the folks talk to me about things like labor and delivery, child care, colic, all sorts of topics that I had no idea about before. Its very interesting.
I have to do this all again tomorrow? Ugh. The most difficult part, I think, is going to be the lack of sleep. Its one thing to function at home with minimal sleep but another all together at the office. I tried to catch a quick nap when I got home from work but Miss C needed her mommy (I melted when she "ga"'d at me and held her arms out grunting to be held and, of course, fed by mommy). After she had a little snack, I laid her down for a nap and laid down near her and caught maybe 10 minutes. Better than nothing, I suppose.
Well, on the plus side, Miss C is getting socialized and again, she goes to a really good, trustworthy school. I am glad that I only have to do this for a week right now and then I can stay at home again for a couple more weeks. DH is right though, I will have to make sure to take Miss C to school daily, if even only for a couple of hours, to keep her used to it. I might just try to to catch up on a little sleep then. (That's probably why he suggested it, but DH is so sweet, he likes to let me pretend to come up with these ideas on my own, as sleep deprived as I am).
Ok, I have to finish and post this. Miss C is in her bouncy chair next to me, babbling and smiling and that calls for some serious attention! Hope you enjoy the pictures. I put some more in the flickr (yea, some are of the same scene and yes, I did photograph Miss C's hands and feet!) so be sure to check that out when you get a chance!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Well, its that time again. Another update.

Its been 5 weeks since we brought Miss C home and let me tell you, we have been going nonstop. Whoever said your baby will teach you what you need to know wasn't kidding. For example, we thought you had to automatically burp a baby after they eat or else. Well, Miss C will let us know when she needs to be burped. I'm serious. We were spending a lot of time patting her back after a meal to no avail. Now if she falls asleep immediately following a meal, we let her sleep and when she wakes up and hollers that she needs to be burped, we burp her. Kind of scary how simple that is. Its not always easy to get that elusive burp out but at least we're not patting her back for hours needlessly.

We've changed up our tummy time syllabus. Since Miss C has already shown that she can roll over from front to back, we let her do that first then we work on other stuff like letting her try to crawl (too cute!), practicing raspberries, smiling (I love this one!), just chatting, whatever. Its really neat to see how much she changes on a daily basis. So much so that I have started pulling out clothes that are now "muscle onesies" on her. She is wearing socks all the time now since her feet tend to get chilly, but I am not sure how much she likes them. For now, I think she tolerates them.

I have one more week then I am back at work. Luckily, as I have mentioned, I will be back on leave after a week, but its going to be tough either way. I keep thinking how lucky Poobou is that she is working from home. By the time its an option for me, Miss C will be in Elementary School. Ah well, we do what we can, right?

Well, that's about it for now. I attached a picture of myself and Miss C. Unfortunately, it seems like DH cut off the top of my head. Oh well! Miss C is modeling a new sleeper she received from her Uncle W and Aunt L. We think its very cute! Hope ya'll have a great day!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Miss C flips over video

I finally caught her on tape. Miss C is still a little scared about the flipping but she is so cute! Hope you all enjoy this!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Little Miss C is One Month Old today!

***Edited to add*** Miss C rolled herself over from her tummy to her back! This was no kidding, on purpose, all by herself. We were playing some tummy time this evening and she just decided she would put one arm under her and push off. She still gets a little scared before she rolls completely, but she does it! Yea! Of course I completely missed it with the video camera, but I will try to get it tomorrow when she is not as tired. Apparently rolling oneself over for the first time on purpose is exhausting work! Yea Miss C! ***

Well, its been a month since Little Miss C officially joined our family. Its been an amazing month! Let's review some of Miss C's accomplishments:

1. She has grown to approximately 10lbs and 21 1/2 inches from her original 7 lb 4 oz and 20 1/2 inches. We've gone from newborn (5-8lb) clothes to 0-3 month clothes and from newborn diapers to pampers #1 swaddlers. She is quite petite so she fits in smaller clothes and diapers than you would think for her weight.

2. She can hold her head up at 90 degrees when on her tummy. This is so cute. You remember this from an earlier picture posted.

3. She consistently holds her head up when being held either on our chests or in a seated position. Its crazy. Pick her up and hold her against your shoulder and she lifts her head up and looks behind you. Its amazing!

4. She tries to crawl during each tummy time session, succeeding when someone puts their hand behind her feet. You saw this if you were able to watch the video.

5. She sleeps in four hour blocks at night (yea us!). This doesn't extend to day time, but I think that is so she can make up for missed meals. She does nap 2-3 hours at a time during the day until mid-to-late afternoon when she is most awake and playing.

6. She coos and grunts to communicate. For example, if Miss C decides she doesn't want her pacifier, she spits it out. When you try to put it back in, she grunts at you, very cute. Which leads us to our next accomplishment.

7. She takes a pacifier when she needs comfort and holds it in her mouth herself. In fact, Miss C has been known to put her entire fist in front of her mouth to keep the pacifier there!

8. She successfully completed her first lunch out of the house. We went out to lunch with us when DH's family was in town. The Cheesecake Factory was great and Miss C only squawked a couple of times over the course of the 2 hours we were there. Its a good sign, especially since we have another lunch planned for Thursday when my brother and his wife are in town.

As I type this, Miss C is taking a nice little nap. She was up for a while this morning with a burp that took a long time to come up but once it did, she fell fast asleep. I have another two weeks before I go back to work. I know its going to be tough, but its a necessary evil. On the plus side, I have a ton of leave and have been approved to take two weeks off starting in August.

Well, have to get back to house stuff and Miss C. Hope ya'll have a great day!

PS I added a ruffle bottom photo just for poobou! Hope everyone enjoys!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Happy anniversary DH

Happy anniversary DH. It's been 10 years since we said our "I dos" and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't thank my lucky stars that I met you.You are an incredible man, a wonderful husband and a terrific father.
Even though we have spent way too much time apart over this past decade,the time we have spent together more than makes up for it. Every year is just more incredible than the last.This year is truly the most incredible so far.
Tomorrow our little girl,I can't believe how truly blessed we are, will be a month old. I know that we have tried to find great gifts for each other or for the house over the years, but this year we have received the greatest gift of all.
I love you more every day, my darling husband. Thank you for making me the luckiest and happiest woman in the world.
Your ever adoring wife

Thursday, July 5, 2007

A cute photo to share

Just wanted to share a new photo. Have a great day!