Friday, July 23, 2010

The big kid class

Ok, so we started this week "in transition."  Miss C started Monday in her original two year old class and a little while after breakfast was taken to her new classroom. She never looked back!  In fact, on the way home from school on Monday, Miss C told DH that she only wants to go to the "three year old room" from now on.
We have learned a few of her classmates' names (that will take a little while), talked with the teachers about her adjusting and even had breakfast with her class.
I admit I was a little nervous about the transition, in addition to the new room and new teachers, there are potentially 50% more students in the class, all of whom are older than Miss C. As usual, Miss C kicked butt. She remembered that Tuesday was music day and brought in her harmonica. Apparently she enjoys playing it in her classroom and the teachers complimented her play. Yea!
Today was bring in your favorite toy day as well as breakfast with parents day. We managed to remember both but since so few students brought in a toy, Miss C wasn't able to share hers. She insists that she wanted to share but the teachers didn't want her to basically give up her toy to someone else without being able to share someone else's toy., Sounds fair to me.
Monday is another big day. It will be Miss C's first field trip and I admit it, I am 10X more nervous about it than she is. The kids will be away from school (via school bus, another adventure!) from 9am to 2 pm, Nope, no nap time scheduled for the kids. Ugh. Hoping Miss C gets at least a cat nap in the bus on the way back to school.
We think her teachers are terrific and that Miss C is very well adjusted to her new class. She is still being very quiet in the classroom with her classmates but she is starting to open up. We told her teachers to give her another week and she's be her normal, chatty self.
Other than that, Miss C finally decided it was time to mail her numnums (pacifier) to the babies (I have to make sure she gets a thank you card from them!) and got a trumpet in return! Yea, Miss C!
One picture just to show how big she really has gotten (she is holding her carrot harvest!):
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Movin' on up...

Ok, so we finally got some resolution with Miss C's class situation. First some background... since she started her current (the two-year-old) class, Miss C has been reminded that once she is both potty trained and three years old, she will get to move to the "big kid class." On her birthday, Miss C woke up and asked me "mama, am I three year old now?" I answered her "yes, baby, you are." She then replied "when do I get to go to the big kid class?"
Well, that was nearly 5 weeks ago and each time we ask, we get told that there's no seat yet. I got tired of that answer. I asked earlier this week what the bottle neck was. See, it seemed to me that they have two two-year-old classes and only one three-year-old class.  Good thing I asked. As it turns out, all three of the other classes are preschool classes, the main difference from the one Miss C is in now is student:teacher ratio which, frankly, sucks here. Its about 7:1 right now and will go to 10 or 12:1. Anyway! Once I pushed, I was told that there are seats in the other two classes that we can join now, the difference being there are four and five-year-olds in the other two classes along with three or four three-year-olds.
We met with the school director as well as teachers from both classes. Both DH and I clicked with one specific teacher and the classroom and decided to go with that one. Since her birthday, Miss C has both patiently and not so patiently waited to transition and her wait is now over. We start preschool on Monday! Wish us luck!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

13 years ago we said our vows and we continue to live them daily. I love you with all of my heart, DH!