Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Visiting with Doc

Well, that was fun. Ok, you all know I am joking about that part. I did have another doctor's appointment today, somewhat a 38 week check up. DH went with. My normal doc was on vacation so I saw a different one. I weighed in (yuck!) and geez, in the past 10 weeks have gained 3 pounds. Yep, the uniform really does make a difference!
No, I am not trying to avoid weight gain. I know Miss C needs whatever she needs to be healthy. I just gained my weight early on. This time I was not in uniform, I chose to wear normal civvies. Golly. This doc didn't even blink about my weight. I hate it when someone screws with my head.
Ok, back to the appointment. Nothing much to note. Miss C is in the correct position (head down, for those unsure) and is rearing to go. No dilation check (this doc waits until 40 weeks to do anything like that) so we just did the fundal height and heart rate (39cm and 148bpm for Miss C, if you are curious).
So, we're back on the wait and see program. We haven't actually left that program yet. Decided not to rush back into the office after the appointment since there wouldn't be anyone there (board meeting apparently, ask if you're not sure what that means. That's a whole blog entry in itself!). Now we're just kicking back at home, checking stocks, writing blog entries, trying to be patient.
That's the excitement for today. Hope your Wednesday is as productive! ;-)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

38 weeks and RIBS!!

Wow! I can't believe we're already at 38 weeks. If you hadn't noticed, Little Miss C has definitely dropped. I am getting nervous but at the same time am more than ready to be done with this part of the deal. I know, I know, I should be grateful I can do this and all that. Trust me, I am. I am just looking forward to holding Miss C. I am sure that makes some sort of sense!
I talked to one of my bosses on Friday and told him I am going on half-days. He quickly agreed (I was shocked I didn't have to plead my case!) and DH is thrilled that I am not going to be at work as much as I have recently. I guess I am just an overachiever. I keep thinking I can do all of this without it impacting me. Wrong. I am beat when I get home so going on half-days makes total sense. There are folks guessing when we will meet Miss C. Some are saying it will be this weekend, some next week and some are speculating that she will arrive on her original expected arrival date. I can only promise to tell when it happens.

Speaking of this weekend! DH made me my very favorite, beef ribs! If you haven't been lucky enough to try them, let me tell you, he has the secret down! Between him and my brother "J", they have the secret family recipe figured out and when we have ribs they are tastier than anything you can ever think to buy in town. For those uninitiated, let me assure you, you can't find ribs like these in Socal. So, if you're ever invited to have some, please stop by! I share nicely!
Guess that's pretty much it. We're going to try and continue to take it easy this weekend. If something does happen, we'll let ya know! ;-)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Another day

Good morning! Well, we made it through another day. In case I didn't mention it, we met with a couple of realtors on Tuesday to discuss selling our place here in Socal before we transfer north. Hopefully we will be meeting with a couple more today so we have something to compare to. It's not that we think it will be a challenge to sell our place (we love it but don't want to keep two mortgages and all that) but we have some caveats about not showing the house without us knowing about it, not having a lock box (I would absolutely freak if anything happened to Sammy, which includes her getting out because some realtor left the front door opened while showing the house etc) and all that. I hope this will be simple, but who knows.
In other news, Miss C has dropped precipitously over the past week. I know, it seems to have taken a while. I am not sure how long its supposed to take so I guess this is normal. Its interesting that we noticed a drop from the time I left for work yesterday to the time we went to bed. Again, we are in the window and have no idea if Miss C will make an early entrance or what. Just hoping we're ready.
Well, that's pretty much it. A rather boring entry but hey, I can be pretty boring at times!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Just because

Just because I realized I haven't posted a picture of DH and our "little" kitty (Sammy), I put one here. As you can see, someone little already runs the household so when Little Miss C arrives, there might be a fight over power. I have to admit it, the cat has run our lives and our home for nearly 9 years. Boy does she have a shock coming to her!

If you have been keeping up, we've been making some serious changes to the house, putting stuff in storage for the house showing as well as putting together lots of stuff for Miss C. We've tried not to hide anything from the cat and she hasn't really gotten into anything, YET. I think once we have a little person in those items like bouncy chairs and pack 'n plays, the cat might decide they need to be investigated more closely. As you can see by her pose with DH, she does think she rules the roost.

When we started showing, the cat couldn't figure out why Mommy's tummy wasn't cooperating when she wanted to "flop." In fact, she felt Miss C's first real kick before I did. Sammy was flopped on my lap and she gave me this look like "what the hell??" when she mewed loudly and hopped off. It took me a couple of seconds to realize she had just been kicked. It has happened so frequently now that she won't even try to lay on my belly, though she does have an affinity for making cat scarves on me by lying on my chest (no, really!) and draping herself over my shoulder. Again, not so sure how well she will react when Miss C cries for the first time, or grabs her tail for that matter.

Well, that's pretty much it for now. Hope you all are having a terrific day!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

37 weeks and huh??

Well, we're at 37 weeks, holy cow! As you might be able to tell in the above photos, Little Miss C has dropped quite a bit in the past week. Additionally, I have been suffering from what is commonly known as pregnancy forgetfulness, or as DH and I like to think of it "ooohhhh, flowers..." Its not even funny anymore (ok, it is in a hokey kind of way, but it is really weird for someone so used to doing so many things at once to find themselves so easily distracted!).
So, how does this forgetfulness work, you ask? Here's an example, while most of the time this is due to baby stuff (getting clothes ready, putting together her pack 'n play, etc), I get distracted when I shop, grocery shop. I went out yesterday for eggs, breadcrumbs and spaghetti and ended up spending half an hour out (the store is about a mile away and I freaking drove!) because the produce department had cherries in. Yep, cherries. I walked in, grabbed a basket and saw "ooooohhhh, cherries..." It gets worse. While I found the items on my list, I realized I needed some Parmesan cheese so I went to get some and ended up with some string cheese as well because, "ooohhh, cheeessseee..." So, not sure how long this lasts. It is beneficial in that DH cracks me up making fun of it so I get an exta ab work out (sorry Miss C!) by laughing so much.
Ok, so we are really at 37 weeks. DH thinks that the trifecta of next weekend (Memorial Day, Full Moon and inviting people over for dinner) will most likely result in Miss C's early arrival. Hey, I'm up for anything at this point. I don't really sleep anymore (though I heard that pretty much lasts forever! ;-)) and I really do want to meet Miss C. So, we'll keep plugging away and let you all know if anything changes here. Until then, enjoy the remainder of your weekend!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

We think we're ready

Well, we put together the pack 'n play yesterday (so very exciting!!) and got the stroller with the car seat so.. we think we're ready. Yea, ok, so in theory we still have four weeks (plus or minus 2) to go, but its time, isn't it?
DH thinks that Miss C is dropping, slowly but surely, as we speak. Doc tried to tell me she's still on her side, but unless she can kick through herself, she's in the right position, just not presented yet. Not sure if there's a pool on the actual arrival date or not, but DH is also convinced that we will meet Miss C by the end of the month. All I know is I am so excited about this.
Of course since we just set up her sleeping area, I am having even more vivid dreams about her being home. Go figure, right? Guess that is to be expected as well.
Well, that's all for now. Hopefully we'll have some exciting news to report soon, but its anyone's guess at this point, right? ;-)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

36 weeks AND Happy Mother's Day?

Well, its been an interesting week all told. We're now "full term" (depending on who you talk to). 36 weeks, holy cow! I don't think we've gotten much bigger over the past week but then again, its difficult to judge from my angle. In fact, looking at the last two sets of photos make me think it must be in how I am standing because I swear I look bigger a week ago! Ah!
School is done for the semester and it couldn't have ended a minute too soon. I admit I am frustrated by the fact that I didn't perform as well this semester as I have in the past. I am a bit angry and upset with myself that I failed to do as well as normal but then i have to consider how this semester was different from those before. Well, the big difference is, of course, I am quite pregnant. I guess this doesn't make a difference for some but apparently it did for me. I have decided to take off until next spring to give us time to bond and later to move. I don't want to try and finish my last two classes (yep, frustrating!) while moving with a three month old.
Ok, the second part of this post. I am not sure if I rate the wonderful card the ever thoughtful DH got me. I am already overly emotional (yep, as per the books, the hormones came back in force this month) but am I really already a Mommy? How do you decide? Little Miss C won't be with us for a little while yet (of course, her decision on when!) but I don't know if I should receive these lovely sentiments.
Speaking of Mother's Day, here's wishing all of you (Alphagal, Poobou, PH, JT, TS and all of my dear friends) a wonderful Mother's Day. I hope you are feeling as loved and cherished as you should.
Well, have to get out to the pool. Been a bit more worn down this week but I am trying to keep up with the workouts. DH spent all day yesterday moving stuff from the house to a storage unit so we can start showing the place next month. I trust he knows what he is doing so when he asks me to pack up clothes I don't need until we move, I just trust that he's not messing with me. Anyway! That's all for now. Go on and have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

35 weeks and counting AND Baby shower!

Wow, what a busy week! First we should address these pictures. OMG! I am getting huge! I swear, I am standing the exact same way as before, Little Miss C just decided to punch out a few doors and make more room in there for herself. Trust me, it feels like she is using a sledgehammer sometimes! Other than that, we're doing well. My back is much better and DH is finding creative ways of getting me to slow down (darn him!).
The shower! Oh my gosh, I don't know where to start. First, thank you to K and J for setting it up and decorating, the house was beautiful. I hated to have to take it down. Second, to all who where here in person or in spirit, I don't know what i did to deserve such wonderful friends and family as you, but DH, Little Miss C and I truly appreciate everything you did and continue to do. Its overwhelming. So much so that, truth be told, Little Miss C didn't let me sleep at all last night (might have had a little something to do with cake so be sure to check out the photos Thank you K for being the recorder, due to your hard work I will get the Thank you cards out early this week!
DH and I have to do a little inventory and accounting and get moving. He called yesterday the "lever" day where before it we couldn't go shopping and today we can, so we need to figure out what else Miss C needs. We're in that first time parent preparing for baby's arrival mode (OK, maybe not as totally freaked out as we will get in a couple of weeks, but we're getting there!) and need to get our bags packed and ready to go. I told him we have to pick up the stroller soon (its so cute, you guys, all pink and stuff. I know "there she goes again"!).
Oh, let's talk about party games, shall we? There is apparently a game (Thanks P!) where people guess how big my belly is! That would be cool except that everyone guessed at least a foot larger than it was! Some people guessed my belly was bigger around than they are tall! Holy cow! ;-)
Well, that's pretty much it for now. Like I said, I uploaded the pictures and put a link earlier in this entry. Everything is so cute and so small. Alphagal and E-baby, note your adorable socks aren't in the pictures because they are on my desk where we oohhhed and ahhhhed as soon as we got them (as per your directions!). Miss C will love them, thank you so much.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

A period of tremendous growth

Well, its only been a few days but I do believe that Little Miss C is HUGE! She/we are showing a lot more than we were in the last set of photos. Rather than change the schedule, I am still going to wait until Saturday to take new ones. You'll just have to trust me on this.
Alphagal and her DOM are awesome! We were talking about a trip DH has coming up at the end of the summer and rather than leave me to figure out the going back to work, child care, alone with Little Miss C, they are going to come out for a few days! Yippee! I will definitely count it as both birthday and Christmas! Besides, Little Miss C and e-baby will get to hang out. Its a must, you know?!
Other than that, the really cool baby shower is Saturday. I promise to post pix on my flikr account afterwards. To get to that, click on the badge that has the pix of Little Miss C and then select the sets. It will let you see the other sets we have posted. I recently added one, the preggers pix. Basically I took all of the photos we have been posting here on a weekly basis and made them a set so you can actually see week 28 and then realize that we GOT BIG by week 29. Or just compare week 28 to week 34 (holy cow!).
We just can't wait to meet Little Miss C. Can you? ;-)