Sunday, May 31, 2009

Where did the weekend go??

Wow, talk about a whirlwind weekend. I thought, eh, first weekend after DH left would be tough but as social butterflies, our calendar was literally full.
Let's see, Saturday we actually got to sleep in and spent a couple of hours in the afternoon at a work party. Not exactly the best party for Miss C but she did know a few folks and after a little shyness at the beginning, she opened up and even held a friend's hand (that friend was a mom and a grandma and Miss C can tell, always!).

Sunday, wow. I thought that Saturday felt rushed, today started off with us getting up at normal school time so I could go in to work for duty. I tried to get my sitter over but alas, no joy. After work, we went to breakfast and then grocery shopping. We were gone 3 hours by the time we got home. After about 45 minutes home, I got Miss C down for a nap. After an hour and a half nap, we ate lunch and were off. We went by the car wash (Miss C got to sit in DH's seat, as she refers to it) and then were off to the nursery to replace a plant that the cat accidentally knocked off the window ledge. After that, we made it to the pool where Miss C celebrated a classmate's birthday. At first she was hesitant to get into the water below the second step but once one of her buddies got in, she was all over it. She even figured out how to float which she demonstrated to everyone. Once I showed her how to jump off the side of the pool, well, we spent a lot of time swimming, that's for sure. I need to get her back in classes because she really seems to enjoy it.

After swimming, we got out and had some yummy pizza with her friends and then cake, yea cake. I thought Miss C would be all over the cake but she wouldn't touch the frosting. Once I removed the frosting, she was in heaven. After the cake, Miss C looked me square in the eye and said "[Miss C] all done, time to go home." and I knew we had to leave. She is great about giving me a warning when she is about to melt down from the excitement so we said our goodbyes and came home. Once we got home, Miss C was all about playing outside and doing everything she could to avoid bedtime. As I type this, i am listening to a very tired little girl who went to bed over an hour ago but apparently cant' quite fall asleep. I even tried going up a couple of times, once with milk and once with more water, in case that is what was keeping her up but no joy. not even a wet diaper. On the plus side, she is content talking to herself and will most likely fall asleep in the next 10 minutes or so (or so I hope, since we have to get up in the morning for work and school).

i hope next weekend will be a little mellower but since her birthday party is next Saturday, i sincerely doubt it. Miss C does seem to take all of this well though and has yet to really lose her temper with me, though I know it is coming.

I am posting a couple of photos and have already uploaded a few more to our flickr. What do you think? A true water baby, eh?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Video Blog!

DH left on Memorial Day. We're doing fine but you all know how tough it is with your loved one gone. Just in case DH gets a chance to check, I am posting a short video from a recent dinner. Please note, she was simply playing and was in no danger of falling!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

We're back!

What a fun trip!

For those not sure of the vacation plans, we went back to Texas where Miss C got to meet 3 of my siblings (Aunt A, Uncle W and Uncle D) as well as their spouses (actually only one spouse, Aunt L) and her cousins (Cousin B, Cousin M, Cousin J and Cousin A). Talk about a busy vacation!
Ok, first, the flights went well. We spent the night near the airport the day before the flight out. That made it a little easier the next day (until I realized, after the flight took off that my cell phone and car keys were in the room still. Alas, I got them back today. Yep, not fun but nothing we couldn't handle). Other than my error there, the entire trip was a great success. We got to see everyone (almost everyone...) twice.

Rather than get into too much detail here, I am going to throw in a few photos so you can see the visit. Unfortunately, i didn't spend as much time behind the camera as I wanted. I am hoping Aunt L will be able to send me her photos as well.

The rest of the photos are here. It really was an awful lot of fun seeing Miss C interact with all of her Texas cousins. Hopefully we can do this somewhat regularly.

Hope you all have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Quick post

Sorry to have been so slient recently. Been busy with work and well, life. We are getting ready to start our vacation adventure. We (Miss C and I) are getting ready to drive to the airport so we can fly out to visit family (Aunt A, Uncle W, Aunt L and all of her cousins).
I am a little nervous because its a 5 freaking hour flight and the last time I flew alone with Miss C she was 4 months old and easy to cart around. I have packed our bag and one carry on (fingers crossed). I did get us each a seat because, as you all have probably noticed, Miss C is pretty tall and we need space! I have a snack bag along with the carry on (we can each have one for crying out loud) but I will try to put everything in the carry on before the flight.
The drive to the airport is why I need the separate bag (its 120 freaking miles). We are actually staying downtown tonight and flying out tomorrow (early flight, direct). I just finished running by the dollar store to get some last minute things for the flight (a couple of new books and dicast cars, little stuff for when she starts to get bored on the flight).
For myself, I packed my Kindle. I also packed a portable DVD player and some DVDs that Miss C selected (Elmo's World is currently the rave with her).
We will meet up with DH on Saturday (he is on travel).
Wish us luck and understand if I remain incommunicado for a little while. I promise to take lots of pictures and post once we get home.