Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wonderful weekend

Last week was a tough week. I ended up picking Miss C up from school on average an hour later than normal due to some stuff we had going on at work. No, not going to talk about it here, just know that it was important but not as important as Miss C.
The angel that she is, Miss C didn't give me any problems despite my later than normal arrivals. She took it all in stride even though it seemed to her that we were pretty rushed every night. We were, seriously, quite rushed. I needed to get her fed, bathed and in bed in a remarkably short amount of time. We couldn't run around much outside after school because it was so late once we got home. I flexed a little on bed time but couldn't flex too much because Miss C still needs a lot of sleep. She lives in a growth spurt!
Luckily, I received very few work related calls this weekend and Miss C and I were able to have some fun times. On Saturday we went to Chuck E Cheese. For most people, this isn't too big a deal but the nearest Chuck E Cheese is a 45 minute drive and opens at 10 am. We left here a little after 9 and got there just as it was opening. I thought Miss C was going to lose it completely when she realized exactly what I had gotten her into. She figured it was a playground but OH MY GOSH it was a serious playground! I am grateful she is pretty fearless because one of the first things she did was climb into the tube climber and "drive" the little yellow car that overlooked the entire place! She just waved down to me as she explored. We had a great time! The only reason I was able to get her to eat was because I snuck a bite of pizza into her mouth when she stopped briefly. At that point, she realized she was famished! Half a small cheese pizza later, we were back at it! I had to break her heart and tell her we had to leave around 1140. It was just too darn crowded and getting perilously close to nap time. She sat down and cried as I got her to the car. Poor baby. But, heck, she was beat! Unfortunately, she was so tired that she slept for the drive home (about 45 minutes) then played in her room rather than nap. Ugh.
The rest of Saturday was pretty much a blur of playing with practically every toy she has!
Sunday was a relax day. Miss C found a recipe she wanted to try in one of my cook books (a chocolate heart!) and told me that since i said we don't have all of the ingredients that we need to go grocery shopping so we can get them! Deal! We ran out to the store and were back with enough time to make the heart and have a nice lunch together. She took a solid nap and we spent the afternoon playing, building with tinker toys and making a nice pasta dinner together. She is even getting better at recognizing when she is hungry vice just grumpy because at 4pm she demanded dinner! (Mama, my tummy is so hungry! I need pasta now, please!)
I am so glad we were able to have a nice weekend together. Sorry no pictures in this post, I haven't managed to get them uploaded yet but will try to do so tomorrow!
So, how was your weekend?