Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yea, yea, its been a while

So, its been quite a while since I last posted. I know, I know. Its just , well, life gets busy, you know?
We're doing great. This was the first year since we moved back to the mainland, about 2004, I think, that we didn't go to DH's grandmother's for the holidays.  We reasoned that since we just drove over 3000 miles to get to our new location, visiting everyone enroute, that it would be better to stay.  It worked out but we definitely need to make time to visit this spring.
Miss C is doing well in her new school.  It took a few weeks to adjust to the new classmates and the way school is set up, school vice day care which is where we had her before. Its "only" Pre-K 3, but they do  have an established curriculum including foreign language class (Spanish here) and technology class (yep, three year olds on computers are so cute!).  We're happy with that aspect. There have been some challenges and DH is currently "self-employed", if you will, since I am slated to travel quite a bit in this new job and we aren't sure how well the civilian sector works with kid stuff.  We'll find out, eventually.
I am including some newer photos below, one of which you will note has a puppy.  A couple of weeks ago, DH and Miss C decided that they would take me at my word and got a dog.  His name is Perry and he is a dacshund. He is a little nutty and feeds off the frantic energy of a 3 year old but when they are calm, Miss C and Perry are the best of friends. Hope you all are doing well and forgive my extended absence here!