Sunday, April 29, 2007

34 weeks and counting

Well, we're now at 34 weeks! Holy cow. I've noticed that its around this point that people start to comment on how quickly "this has gone for [us]." That makes me laugh. No, really, its been a long road, but hey, if you want to think this has gone quickly, go right ahead. Its usually the folks at medical or work that make those comments.
My back is getting better, but hey that was bound to happen at some point, right? I'm still "taking it a little easier" as per DH's request. He does take lots of walks with me, even short ones at night in hopes that I will be able to fall askeep before Little Miss C starts back up kicking the heck out of me. She is quite the soccer player, this one. I guess we're just waiting now.
Have an appointment next week to tour the delivery deck. I know, probably could have done this sooner but it didn't seem to make sense. Other than that, we're kosher on making the baby burritos and changing her diapers. Been doing my homework about how to transition her from Mommy only feeding to Daddy and Day care (seems the little one's get confused if Mommy gives them a bottle, makes sense to me).
We talked to DH's folks last night (do it about once a week, to be serious) and they are anxiously awaiting Little Miss C's arrival. We've been told to "let them know when they can come out." So polite about it! I know they want to be out here for all of it, first grand child and all, but its so sweet that they are being so darn patient. I am so lucky!
That's pretty much the update for now. I am sure these posts will get more exciting once Little Miss C joins us but until then you get little 'ole me!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Is anyone sleeping out there???

Poor DH. Apparently my preggers congestion has gotten so bad that I snore (no, never!) so much that if he wakes up in the middle of the night, he can't get back to sleep. I try and try but can't make it better. :-(
On a positive note, little Miss C is still as active as ever. We think that the hint Alphagal gave about short, slow walks before bed is spot on. Little Miss C makes her way towards the back and seems to relax and fall asleep when I walk and usually doesn't start trying to kick her way out until after I have been in bed for at least half an hour. Luckily, I am usually asleep by that point!
Hmm, other than that, not too much going on. I am "preadmitted". Yea, sounds weird doesn't it. Apparently one plus of military medicine is the ability to fill out and submit all of the requisite registration/admission forms now so once we do go that we won't have to even think about filling out paperwork. Finally, something that makes sense!
That's pretty much it for now. Hope you all are enjoying the wonderful spring weather! It got to 80 here in Socal today! ;-)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

33 weeks and counting

Well, another week has gone by. Depending on who you ask, I look larger or I look the same. The biggest difference I have noticed is how busy little miss C-baby is. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, she practically dances to music. I think its the neatest thing but it can be painful. In fact, I fully expect to find my belly laden with bruises one of these days. She's a strong little one!
We're very excited and getting more so every day. It's difficult not to go out and buy everything we see, but we are being patient. We have terrific friends and family who want to share in this and make small purchases for c-baby. So until we know what she has already, we're holding out.
School is still going reasonably well. As with other things that take up our time, its getting more challenging to pay attention when the little alien tries to poke her little hands and feet out. I was in the middle of a meeting on Friday when I had to sit back and put my hand on her little head to calm her down! I swear, my belly had more waves than the ocean, she was so busy!
Well, that's pretty much it. I hope you all are enjoying watching the growth as much as I am. I promise if I can get a photo of her little feet sticking up, I will. Until then, you'll just have to take my word that she is rambunctious! I can't wait!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Just thinking out loud

We've discovered that c-baby is a dancer, even in the womb! We listen to music as often as possible and while still inutero, c-baby stops, listens to the tunes then jams! I can only imagine how she will react once she is sitting in my lap! I am excited about the idea of having some baby einstein available for c-baby to enjoy (or just some cool tunes!). I believe she responds the most to Cold Play, Norah Jones and KT Tunstill. Its just cool (a little odd at times but cool none the less!).
On another note, no pun intended, my back is still tweaked. I am stretching as much as my back will allow, using those heating patches and trying to take it easier. I am even considering not swimming in the morning just to take it a little easier on my back. I just need to get better otherwise I walk with a shuffle!
DH's sister should be in town this weekend to celebrate her b-day. Second little brother's b-day is tomorrow. I can't believe he's already 24! OMG! Have we all aged that much?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

32 weeks and counting

Do we still go by weeks at this point or do we say we are in our 8th month? I must admit I am a trifle confused when it comes to the transition point! I have figured out the belly is all in

how you dress her. I mean, think about it, if you wear tight clothes, the belly shows more, right? I wear most of my clothes under the belly; I think she shows less then. Anyway!

I am going back to work on Monday after a week off. I took time off for C & M to be in town and just because. We have so many days we are required to take per year and can only "roll over" (you know, like cell phone minutes) so many. Well, as it turns out, I am maxed out on my roll over and the military is generous enough to give me 42 days to convalesce (free leave to recover) after the baby is born. So... I have to find creative uses for my remaining leave in order to not lose it. I am making the most of it by using it to find the house, work on school stuff, etc. I will keep a few extra days on the books in case I need them later this summer.

Well, that's about it. DH made it back yesterday, yippee! Both the cat and I are thrilled to see him. Little Miss C expressed her pleasure throgh numerous belly thumps upon hearing his voice (or that was because of breakfast, not really sure;-))

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Nesting already?

Ok, maybe I am just bored because I am on leave (code word for vacation in the military) and DH is on the road, but I keep thinking I must have reached the nesting phase. I am starting to work on scrapbooks for our European Vacation this past summer and for Little Miss C. I don't know if I am even doing them right since I am not nearly as creative (or patient!) as the pictures I have seen. I just want to get this done before Little Miss C gets here. I know I won't have any time once she gets here!
School is nearly over (thank goodness) and I am having trouble concentrating on my last two HUGE papers (both 25 pages!). I know I took this on myself, but argh! I know I can get through this but at the same time I have to wonder how crazy I was to take on this responsibility so close to Catie's due date. Luckily, school does end in early May. I am sure this is just a slump, but it is frustrating.
Other than that, not much else of note. Just trying to figure out what schedule my little one is on since she seems most active whenever I am the least! Is this normal?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

C and M depart

Well, C and M are probably airborne by now. They had to leave waaayyyy early to get back home today. As you can see by the pictures, M is nearly a grown up. We had a lot of fun compressed into a short period of time. Hopefully it won't be 9 years between visits again! I know I dragged them all over town and even made them walk (once!) with me, but when you are limited on time, you do what you have to!

Other than that, my back is still giving me issues. Only one side though. I wonder if it was how I have been sleeping; I was trying a fancy preggers pillow. Oh well. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow so if nothing else, he can tell me what I am allowed to take for it. It's truly no fun! If anyone has any suggestions, the pain feels like a pulled muscle but only on one side. I swam this morning and almost cried when I tried to do a frog kick! I did manage to get my mile in; it was mainly crawl though.

Oh well, this is the price we pay!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

31 weeks and counting!

Well we're now at 31 weeks and counting! Amazing how much more Little Miss C is apparent in the past month than before!

For those who have been following the search for the house, we got it! We won't close until the house is complete, but we made a deal and they accepted our bid. The builder broke ground earlier this week and the realtor is on orders to send us photo updates weekly. From this point on we are primarily going through the builder and will only deal with the realtors towards the end when it comes to the final paperwork, inspection, etc. We're so excited! I know it seems like a lot of house and land for us, but it's what we were looking for, our little refuge!

In other news, big sis and her daughter are in town for a short visit. Very exciting! I hope to get some good pictures to post for everyone. This is the neice's first flight in about 10 years, so it is probably the first one she really remembers. I am looking forward to the visit!

Well, that's about all for now.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Six weird things about me

Wow, never been tagged before. Let's see, six things weird things about me... It shouldn't be that difficult, right?
One... Might not sound really weird, but I speak Chinese. While this isn't itself weird, I have this uncanny ability to pick up other languages rather quickly. For example, when we went to Europe this summer, though I never studied French, by the time we left Nice, I could get most regular things accomplished. Rome was the same way though since I studied Spanish in High School much of that was just a tweak from Spanish to Italian. Because of all of this, if I hear something in Chinese that is said incorrectly, I swear my ears are bleeding!
Two... I sing to myself a bit. Not just when there is a good song on the radio. I can be walking, typing, or even reading and you might hear me singing to myself. I think DH is aware of it (we have been married for quite a while now). I wonder if Catie enjoys it.
Three... Like Alphagal and Poobou, I hate it when people use incorrect grammar or the wrong word. I don't mean just "affect" vice "effect", though you would be shocked by how many people can't figure that one out. This weirdness goes into spelling as well. I get these documents sent to me from other people and spend a significant portion of my time making sure they don't sound like complete fools.
Four... I hoard food. Not junk food like Poobou but normal food. My freezer is almost always full as is my pantry. With just myself and DH right now it seems a little silly, but I think its a throw back to when I was little. If we get down to one or two of something I think is important to have on hand, I make sure we get more. Luckily DH is willing to live with this proclivity. On the plus side, you never go hungry in my house, which I think is the whole point.
Five.... I love towels. Not just any towel mind you, but big, fluffy towels. I have at least 2 dozen in the house and again its just DH and myself. Go figure. Again, this is probably a throw back to being a child and having to share a towel with one of my siblings.
Six.... My finger tips curve at the ends. No, really. When I put my hand down on a flat surface, the tips are all curved up. I can't straighten them out either. It is just one of those "things".
Well, I would love to "tag" someone, but everyone i know who blogs has already been tagged.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

30 weeks and counting

The latest installment of our weekly preggers pics are here. I think I am as big as a house already, but I will leave that up to you all to judge!

On another positive note, we're signing papers on our place in the Pacific Northwest. We won't close until the house is completed etc, but it's ours! Yippee! I can't think of a better place for Little Miss C to grow up.

Very exciting week in all!