Friday, July 31, 2009

Sing your little song

You all know Miss C loves to sing. She loves music, loves to dance and really loves to sing.
When I met with her new teachers before she started her new class 6 weeks ago, I remember mentioning to them that she could sing her ABC's to "G" and that we were working on the rest.
Tonight, after a rousing rendition of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" with signs and lots of arms movement, Miss C went into the ABC song. I waited for her to stop at "G" and finish with "Now sing with me."
Not this time. She sang every single letter. OMG! I was stunned. She finished the song then waited for her applause. OMG! How did this happen? I mean, we sing that song all of the time but she hadn't really been singing it back lately, just clapping. Wow. Just, yea, wow.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Can I get an "OH YEA!"??

Let's hear it for independent mamas who aren't afraid to make things happen and fix problems.
You will seldom find me praising myself but I am really so darn proud of myself today.
If you have been following my posts or at least the weather in the pacific northwest, you know it has been gawd awful hot up here lately. I posted about having to come up with a solution. I tried ice in bowls in front of fans, somewhat successful, but yesterday, the temperature was over 90 IN THE HOUSE when we got home. I took action before I even left work yesterday.
I ordered two portable air conditioners (not window units, they have a hose that connects to a contraption that fits in the window but nothing else is really required) around noon yesterday (I looked here and there were none). I got them here and the price was great with no shipping costs. I got an email this morning saying the smaller of the two had shipped. When we got home, I kid you not, that one was sitting on my front porch!
As soon as we finished dinner, Miss C and I took out our tools and put that puppy in her room. Ok, so maybe she only carried a couple of small parts but believe me, she was an integral part in the installation. I convinced her that the a/c was a very good thing (she thanked me for it! Such a sweet little girl!) and now all I want to do is sit in her room. I have the machine set to 70 so it will have to run for a bit before it get that cool (the house was 84 when we got home) but it is already a life saver. Miss C sat with me to read (something she refused to do for a while since it was too hot) and she is already asleep (the past week it has taken her a long time to fall asleep).
I am so happy! I am posting my recommendation for anyone looking for one of these units to go to this company (Compact Appliance, oh by the way) because I never imagined a less than 24 hour turnaround. Its like they really knew we needed it!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A weather report

Sorry its been so long since I last posted. We have been pretty busy and it has just been darn hot. I mean, I didn't ever really consider 80s hot until I lived in a house with a great southern exposure (wonderful for winter, a sin in the summer) and even with all of the windows open and fans on, the house is still over 80. It sucks, let me tell you.
We play smartly, lots of swimming in mama's bathtub, no real cooking (microwave and counter top oven only!) and tons of water. If we go outside, it is to run or walk through the sprinkler. Even so, its still too hot to be comfortable to do much though we have given it out best shot.
Miss C is a great trooper. She tells me when its too hot to eat and will sit and eat a Popsicle if she just wants to cool off. She loves swimming in my bath tub (it is a bit larger than hers) and keeps me up with squirts from her water bottle. She even learned that if I give her a wet wash cloth before bed, it helps to lay it on her tummy because it makes her cooler (kind of a swamp cooler).
I need to buy ice, that's for sure. I also need to talk DH into looking into a/cs. He has managed to miss the hottest part of the year here two years in a row while he is spending his time in another hot area, we just have to figure this out here.
I know its only a few weeks (maybe 6 or 8) of the year that it gets this way but those times are miserable. Any thoughts on how to get a/c without breaking the bank or at least how to help cool the house? Ugh!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What kids eat

I just wanted to show a couple of photos I took last weekend to share what Miss C will actually eat. It cracks me up because stuff like this makes DH say "huh??"
It surprises me but then again it doesn't. We've been incredibly lucky to have such an amenable little girl. She will try anything once even if she thinks she won't like it. Don't want to jinx myself but not sure how much longer this will last. :)
What about you? Any interesting stories about what your kids will eat?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A tough week

As the title indicates, we had a bit of a tough week this week. Miss C caught a stomach bug.
It started out with a fever (around 101.5) Monday afternoon (I had to go get her from school). She stayed home from school on Tuesday (luckily, I was able to get a great sitter so I could go back to work and feel OK about it). No fever on Tuesday at all so we went back to school on Wednesday. I thought all was well until I picked her up on Wednesday and had one of her teachers tell me that "[Miss C] isn't feeling well." Apparently Miss C spent most of the afternoon sitting on a teacher's lap or in one of the little chairs with an upset tummy. Poor kiddo.
Thursday and Friday were days at home with the same sitter (college student who is the daughter of a man I work with, home for the summer). Miss C wasn't really herself on Thursday. She just wanted to lay around, not really doing much. Remember, this is the kid who always gets "Happy and busy" remarks on her day at school paper. So, of course, I spent the entire week worried about not being home with her.
She started to feel better on Friday. By the time I got home, she pretty much wore out the sitter. We even ran around upstairs after dinner playing tag, hide and seek and soaking each other with spray bottles so I think she is on the mend.
When she got up this morning, Miss C told me "I need pancakes" so the decision about breakfast was made early. We've had a fun day so far (Miss C is down for her nap) and I think this weekend will be fine, but you all know how tough it is when your little one is sick and you really can't do anything about it. The one thing I really am grateful for is that Miss C doesn't get sick often and when she does, she doesn't vomit. Its hard enough dealing with the other (you know) issues that come with it.
Anyway, we're going to spend the rest of the day painting, swinging and making play dough animals. If you have any suggestions on how to handle icky tummies aside from clear soda (she took one sip and gave it back), I would love to hear them (so I can write them down for next time).
So, how was your week?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July!

So, what do you do with a 2 year old who is too young for the local fair (I mean, way too young to deal with the madness there!) and who is in bed long before the fire works? If you are me, you find the next best thing, Pancake Breakfast at the local fire house!

Yep, we spent some time this morning enjoying pancakes, eggs and ham at our local fire house with about 100 (at that time) of our neighbors and got to, you guessed it, explore the ambulance, the fire engine and the brush truck! So, you ask, did Miss C enjoy the adventure? You bet! At first she refused to go inside until we hopped in the fire engine but because no one was outside at the engine at that time, I had to talk her into going in and asking after breakfast if we could visit the truck. Once we mentioned wanting to explore, the fire fighters jumped into action and kept a whole lot of kids very happily entertained by letting them climb in and out of all of the different vehicles.

Below is one of the pictures from our adventure, the rest are here.

Oh, for all of my friends and family who have yet to get a blogger account, I have made it possible to make comments without a logon so ... :)