Monday, May 24, 2010

2 going on 12

So, have any of the rest of you dealt with a little one getting too grown up too fast?
Let me tell you, its interesting. It starts with stuff like you are talking to someone and you say a day of the week, like Friday and that little voice next to you asks "Mama, what's on Friday?" Or, you say "no throwing balls in the house" then your angel bounces a ball to Daddy. Daddy says "Honey, I think that constitutes throwing" and the next thing that little voice besides you says is "Daddy, what is constitute throwing?"
Then there is this "I can (insert statement here, examples include get dressed, go potty, get ready for bath, etc) all by myself." That alone is fine, its when she adds "I don't need you anymore" well, that just breaks my heart.
Miss C is 2 going on 12, I tell you! She potty trained in 3 days, through no help of mine. She gets herself dressed (it can take forever but she is just delaying!). She gets herself ready for her bath and into her bath. She bathes herself and often washes her own hair. She wants to read her own bedtime stories.
She is conscientious too. For example, when she gets up at night to go potty, she doesn't flush because, she says, it is loud and it might wake us up. She also wants to share with us. For example, yesterday she gave me half of everything, from an apple to a cookie, to me.
Yesterday afternoon, after I got back from ordering her birthday cake (a major to do!), Miss C announced to me that she is a princess. Ok, no problems. After a while she asked to wear her Cinderella costume. We needed to go outside to plant some new shrubs. What did she do? Very daintily, Miss C used a spade and dug holes, inserted dirt, mulch, what have you and planted 3 new shrubs, all without getting dirty. How does she do that?
Seriously, I know we all want our kids to grow up, but how do I keep her from growing up too fast?