Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A busy day

Another busy day in the life of this mom-to-be. While trying to stay focused and write my messages and (gasp) power point presentations, I found myself continually distracted by someone very bored kicking me with more strength than I have felt previously. I admit it. I stopped working just to see what she was up to.
DH conducted an experiment recently. Background: I have been explaining to DH that LG responds to his voice. So, he stood on my left side, hand on LG and talked. Once he was sure LG was there, he lifted his hand and moved to my right. Once on my right, he placed his hand on my abdomen and started talking again. Alas, LG followed him to the right and appeared under his hand again. I think that was the first time we were both aware that LG is well, LG.

Monday, February 26, 2007

First blog

Well, it's official. We've finally started a blog. Not sure why, maybe alpha girl helped to motivate me?! Of course! Life is busy. We're on week 25 for our LG. Hope to have enough to post regularly. At least we're here!