Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Anniversary DH!

Well, today is 11 years since DH and I took our vows. talk about a change.

In the past 11 years we have done at least 8 deployments, lived in no fewer than 6 states, visited no fewer than 8 counties both for work and pleasure, got a cat and had a baby. Whoa.

As a gift to ourselves we went to dinner, alone. Yes, you heard me correctly, alone.

This is the first time that we went to dinner alone. This is the first time we had a babysitter over at the house. Wow.

I found our sitter from a flyer at work, of all things. She is the daughter of one of the guys I work with, a recent college graduate who is going to teach English in Korea at the end of the summer.

I was worried. Boy, was I worried. I mean, aside from the time she spent with Mrs J and a few visits with the grandparents, Miss C has never had a sitter at night.

When our sitter got here, a half hour before I planned to leave in order to give them time to acclimate, Sammy (our cat, remember) ran over to her like she knew her. She mewed and purred and loved all over her. Once the cat was in awe of her, Miss C decided, heck, she must be alright and walked over to her.

In less than 15 minutes, Miss C got comfortable enough with the sitter, a girl, young lady, whatever, she just met, to let her carry her up and down the stairs during the quick house tour.

I was flabbergasted. It made me think about what it was like when I was baby sitting and how I could get the kids to just glom on me. It made it easier to enjoy our anniversary dinner.

We only spent a couple of hours out but by the time we got home, Miss C had already been in bed an hour (long days walking and all that!). The sitter told us she was incredibly easy and asked us to explain a couple of the signs Miss C uses that aren't on the chart (example, Miss C pats her chest when she wants someone/something to come to her. She also points to her palm when she wants you to give her something. Neither sign is on the chart so we guess she made them up).

What a relief.

Oh, and, we really did enjoy our dinner.

I love you, DH!

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