Monday, July 14, 2008

Parent-Teacher Conference Recap

Who would have thought I would be going to a parent-teacher conference when Miss C was a mere 13 months old? Not me. We did have our first one today though.

It was interesting to get the teacher's perspective on how Miss C is doing. I have pretty much kept ya'll up to date on her activities. Recently she has taken a greater interest in building stuff and putting those little rings on the ring sorter (you know which ones I am talking about). She also plays with "Dolly" all the time. Miss C is also quite adept at following directions, to the point that the teachers are recommending we move on to more complex directions already.

It seems that Miss C is kind of shy around other grownups (other than Mama and Daddy and a few select relatives, that is). When she first started this school, though she signed quite a bit at home, she really didn't start signing for a couple of weeks. Getting her bearings and all that. Once she started to sign and realized they understood and would sign back, whoa nelly! You can't stop her. She also figured out the "head, shoulders, knees and toes" stuff from the song. She can find any part of the song on herself, you or even her stuffed animals.

Speaking of animals, she is getting even better at telling us "what they say." During our conference she was showing off to the teacher that she knew elephant and monkey and a few others they hadn't seen. She also tends to practice a lot at home before trying stuff out at school. Walking is a prime example of this. This weekend Miss C decided it was time to let go and just walk all over the place. I mentioned this at school since they were telling me they got asked if Miss C was ready to move up to the next class. Among other requirements such as sitting in a
chair and sleeping on a cot (things Miss C got used to upon arrival as she was deemed too tall to use the high chair or a crib), Miss C must demonstrate a mastery of walking.

Well, today she gave the teachers a taste of our weekend. They even got to see her walking backwards (on purpose, apparently you generally don't do this until around 2) and even make a 90 degree turn (she was walking to DH and decided to go to me instead).

In all, the teachers are thrilled with her progress, going so far as to state that she is developmentally at 18 or so months! Wow! We are going to give her a couple more weeks before we revisit the changing classrooms discussion.

I asked about a transition period and was assured that there is a week long transition period so Miss C isn't just thrown into a foreign environment. Needless to say, I hope all of our future parent-teacher conference go so well!

Oh, about the #2 issue we discussed last time. DH and I decided to cut her off from blueberries to see if that was the issue and wow, she is definitely doing better on that front. Apparently her body has a tough time processing blueberries. she isn't quite back to normal (we still have a Dr's appointment tomorrow anyway) but she is well on her way there. Bummer though, she really seems to like blueberries. Oh the plus side, she adores watermelon and doesn't seem to have any gastro issues with that so that's nice.


Cat said...

What great news! She'll do so well in the one-year-old class. The environment is far more appropriate than an infant class. Once she's in with the big kids, she's going to develop new skills at such breakneck speed you won't believe it.

LizardBreath said...

She's already changed so much since she turned one that it make smy head spin! Its like some new portal opened up for her because she using so many more signs and words, trying to put on her own socks and shoes, taking off her own shirt and bibs. I can't wait to see what happens next!

Anonymous said...

I would never have guessed blueberries, but I'm glad you got it figured out. We've been eating lots of watermelon here lately too. And strawberries.

The development milestones are awesome. Miss C is definitely way ahead of the curve. C-baby just started walking backwards on purpose in the last week or two, and she still isn't 100% on sitting in toddler-size chairs. (She can, but if she gets distracted she tends to fall out of them.) So that's amazing - sounds like she's doing great!

Cat said...

Yeah, I could really do without the taking off their own clothes milestone. That one is about to send me to the nuthouse. "No, honey you have to wear clothes to go to school- keep your shirt on. Yes, you DO have to have a diaper, don't you take that off, young lady!" Still, it's hard not to laugh when it happens. It's all part of that independent spirit we want our girls to have, I guess.

LizardBreath said...

Its nice to have friends to share this stuff with. I hope we get a chance to get the girls together again!