Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Miss C tale

So life gets more interesting when you have kids, right?

That's what I was told and yea, I agree. I thought that Miss C wouldn't be able to blow my expectations away as quickly or consistently as she has and continues to do. Today is a prime example and the aforementioned tale in the title.

After a busy day at school of walking, signing, and talking at school with her teachers and little friends, Miss C came home to let her Mama and Daddy get some time with her. While waiting on milk to warm up in the kitchen, Mama gave Miss C a piece of paper towel to keep her busy because Miss C really enjoys the sound it makes when you rip it and that gives Mama a little time to put stuff away. While ripping the paper towel, Miss C realized she had to blow her nose. Rather than let her nose run or simply wipe it on Mama or Daddy like normal, she chose to put her little paper towel to her nose and (I kid you not!) blow her own nose! Sounds and all!

This should serve as a lesson to never lower your expectations of what someone can do regardless of age. I don't know when I thought Miss C would do this but it sure wasn't at 12 months!

Oh, I chose this picture because it just makes me smile. Imagine that, our little girl reading a book at snack time! (And, yes, she does say "snack", more like "nack") :)


Anonymous said...

Good grief! I wish C-baby could blow her nose! That'd be awesome. Heck, I wish she'd figure out how to blow when I'm holding the tissue for her. Anything would be better than the horrible baby snot-sucker.

During one of C-baby's colds, I asked Patsy when (in her experience) most kids figure out the "blow" command. She said it's usually around 2, but some kids earlier and some later. So it sounds like Miss C is waaaay ahead of the curve! Smart girl!

LizardBreath said...

I think she's just tired of bugger suckers and all that!

Cat said...

After our winter of nonstop colds, e-baby got good at blowing her nose on command-- especially after I started buying that super-soft lotion tissue. She tries to blow her own nose, but it just leaves a trail of snot everywhere. Yech! Go miss c! She's definitely a precocious kid!