Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Miss C is 13 months old today!

For her 13 month day, Miss C gave herself a neat gift, extra sleep. As I type this, at nearly 8am, she is still asleep. Hard to believe since we usually get her up at 630am for school. I have eves today so i am letting her sleep in. Little angel.

Ok, quick updates on her stats: (read: Proud mama talking):

1. Walking! Miss C has decided its time to really walk. She started taking more than 2 steps at a time around Father's Day (a gift for DH?) and hasn't slowed down since. She walks to everything now. She even likes to climb the stairs, now that we let her when we are going upstairs for any reason. Don't worry, we still have the gates in place for all of our safety. She hasn't taken too many headers while walking and is getting more confident every day. In addition to walking forwards, Miss C is already walking backwards (on purpose!) and turning.
We have a parent/Teacher conference on Monday to discuss her moving up a class. Wow!

2. Talking! Miss C's vocabulary has grown by leaps and bounds. Most of her oral words are words she has been signing for a while like fan, fish, Mama, daddy (yep, Daddy not Dada), kitty, etc. Her signing has grown exponentially as well. We were teaching her "light" to explain the difference between the light over the dining room table and the fan (they both hang from the ceiling so it can be tricky) but yesterday she totally got it. She even got it to the point that when we turned on a table lamp she said and signed light! She also loves the word "car". She says "car", signs "car" with both hands moving up and down (that circular motion is tricky) and adds a "vroom, vroom" because that's how Daddy does it (look, [Miss C}, car, vroom, vroom)! She also has a couple of made up signs that I mentioned in the last post (patting her chest to mean come here and putting her index finger in the palm of her hand to mean (?) put it here).

3. Blowing her own nose! i know i mentioned this before but holy moly! She loves to blow her nose now. Unfortunately, she will do it with or without a tissue so Mama has tissue patrol now!

4. Imaginative play. I know i mentioned Miss C has a dolly but she is so cute with her! She feeds her (she comes with a bottle) and even puts her down for naps. At school, she took a rolling pin and tried to feed one of the babies! She also rocks Dolly and her bears in her pooh rocking car. so cute! She has also started building stuff with her blocks instead of just destroying stuff. Lots of fun to be able to do both.

5. Teeth. Apparently a year was the point where Miss C was going to get more teeth. At 12 months she had 3 teeth with a couple more coming in. She now has 8 teeth in and is getting in her bottom eye (?) teeth. She is taking it like a champ though and chews the heck out of her teething toys and a couple of frozen wash cloths.
6. Eating with a spoon or fork. We've been working on this for ages. It wasn't until she realized how much more food she could get in her mouth at a time did Miss C really go for the spoon. She eats her cheerios with milk using a spoon and loves to use her spoon and fork when she has rice. Yummy!
I guess that's about it. Plenty for 13 months though!

Oh, before I go, Miss C has been having a tough time with her #2s. We would give her prunes, but she refuses to touch anything remotely resembling baby food. I can get her to drink some juice but do you think that will be enough? I am worried that she is having trouble due to the fact that she is drinking milk.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


Cat said...

I love it! The imaginary play just opens a whole new window into her mind, and you can see more of what's going on there.

I got nothing on the #2s, since I'm always trying to SLOW the flow, not the other way around. Cindy has a lot more experience with that, so I defer to her wisdom.

Oh, and I just caught yesterday's post right now-- Congratulations and happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

I missed yesterday's post too, happy anniversary to you guys!

As for the #2 issue: The addition of whole milk definitely brought on some serious constipation with C-baby as well. The juice usually fixes the problem for us, as does broccoli-cheese soup from Safeway's deli. (Weird, I know. Something about the broccoli, just WOW. Problem solved!) But the soup is high in sodium, so use it sparingly.

If Miss C doesn't want baby food anymore (same issue here, btw), how about real fruit? C-baby loooves strawberries. I usually sprinkle a tiny bit of sugar on them because they're a bit tart this time of year, but they're still good. And they help a lot with the poops. Mandarin oranges (canned in light syrup) are popular too.

Or heck, peel & pit a plum and just give her the soft pulpy bit - that's basically a prune without the dehydration process!

Hope that helps!

LizardBreath said...

Thanks for the suggestions. Miss C is pretty good at eating her fruit. She gets lots of grapes and strawberries but that hasn't seemed to fix the problem. I am trying to get her to drink more juice and have discovered a new cup (its a nuk cup with a different sippy top than I am used to giving her) that gets her to drink more. I am worried that its the milk. She did have a similar issue when she switched to formula. I scheduled a check up next week so maybe they can help come up with something as well. I do want to continue to try stuff at home though and will give the broccoli/cheese soup a shot. She loves their broccoli/cheese rice!

Anonymous said...

It's probably just the shock to her system of having milk instead of formula. That's what happened for a while with c-baby, but it straightened itself out eventually. (Case in point: earlier tonight she had 3 poops in less than half an hour! Eek!) So it's a problem, but rest assured that it won't be a problem for all of her milk-drinking years!

LizardBreath said...

Ok. We just had our first non-blueberry poop (if you have had one, you know what i mean). We think it might be her system having trouble processing blueberries. In any case, we do have a doctor's appointment next week.
On another note, i wonder what our kids are going to think if years from now they read these? :)