Thursday, May 21, 2009

We're back!

What a fun trip!

For those not sure of the vacation plans, we went back to Texas where Miss C got to meet 3 of my siblings (Aunt A, Uncle W and Uncle D) as well as their spouses (actually only one spouse, Aunt L) and her cousins (Cousin B, Cousin M, Cousin J and Cousin A). Talk about a busy vacation!
Ok, first, the flights went well. We spent the night near the airport the day before the flight out. That made it a little easier the next day (until I realized, after the flight took off that my cell phone and car keys were in the room still. Alas, I got them back today. Yep, not fun but nothing we couldn't handle). Other than my error there, the entire trip was a great success. We got to see everyone (almost everyone...) twice.

Rather than get into too much detail here, I am going to throw in a few photos so you can see the visit. Unfortunately, i didn't spend as much time behind the camera as I wanted. I am hoping Aunt L will be able to send me her photos as well.

The rest of the photos are here. It really was an awful lot of fun seeing Miss C interact with all of her Texas cousins. Hopefully we can do this somewhat regularly.

Hope you all have a great Memorial Day Weekend!


Cat said...

Yay fun trip! I'm glad you got to go this time. Thank you for the pictures. A looks great! And her kids are SOOOO cute. Also, I love Miss C's little tea-party. That is just adorable. She's such a little lady.

I haven't looked at the set yet-- but I will as soon as I have another hand free...

LizardBreath said...

Its amazing how much the kids bonded even though we only got to visit for a couple of days. Miss C adores her cousins, Cousin B especially, and thought that Miss T (you remember her from high school right? She was my spanish teacher!) rocked, especially since she was willing to have a tea party with her. In all, a great trip!