Thursday, May 14, 2009

Quick post

Sorry to have been so slient recently. Been busy with work and well, life. We are getting ready to start our vacation adventure. We (Miss C and I) are getting ready to drive to the airport so we can fly out to visit family (Aunt A, Uncle W, Aunt L and all of her cousins).
I am a little nervous because its a 5 freaking hour flight and the last time I flew alone with Miss C she was 4 months old and easy to cart around. I have packed our bag and one carry on (fingers crossed). I did get us each a seat because, as you all have probably noticed, Miss C is pretty tall and we need space! I have a snack bag along with the carry on (we can each have one for crying out loud) but I will try to put everything in the carry on before the flight.
The drive to the airport is why I need the separate bag (its 120 freaking miles). We are actually staying downtown tonight and flying out tomorrow (early flight, direct). I just finished running by the dollar store to get some last minute things for the flight (a couple of new books and dicast cars, little stuff for when she starts to get bored on the flight).
For myself, I packed my Kindle. I also packed a portable DVD player and some DVDs that Miss C selected (Elmo's World is currently the rave with her).
We will meet up with DH on Saturday (he is on travel).
Wish us luck and understand if I remain incommunicado for a little while. I promise to take lots of pictures and post once we get home.


Anonymous said...

I did a 12+ hour flight with C-baby when she was 18 months old. (It was supposed to be a 7-hour trip, but we had some major delays.) And really, as much as it sucked, she did great on the flights. At least until the last half-hour, but you know, even *I* felt like lying on the floor and screaming by that point.

You'll manage fine. Staying downtown the night before so you're closer to the airport is a GREAT idea, makes the day of the flight a lot easier for you. And it sounds like you have all of your toddler entertainment preparations ready to go. Hope y'all have fun!

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