Saturday, April 17, 2010

What an amazing week (beware, potty talk below!)

Since last Sunday, I have seen so many incredible changes in Miss C, I can hardly believe it.
Last Sunday, Miss C and I went out and purchased a big girl bed for her. Its a twin, hardly huge, but a big milestone in her life. Unfortunately, that bed hasn't been delivered yet. Originally, I was told it would be ready by Friday but now I can't get it until next Wednesday. Its ok though. When I bought it, I realized I needed an interim solution so when we got her new sheets, comforter etc, we also bought a twin size air mattress so she could get used to the bigger bed. What a hit!
Ok, so that was Sunday. Around Tuesday, Miss C decided she wanted to wear a "firt" to school. A "firt"? What the heck is a "firt"? So, I asked her where she had some. She told me in her treasure chest (her dress up clothes are in that) so I figured out she wanted a skirt. Success! Then, she wanted to wear tights with her skirt. Oh boy! Big girl time!
Miss C wowed them at school in skirts a few days this week (thank goodness I had a few in her size in the house!). Come Thursday evening, another huge shift. Miss C demanded panties. Oh boy. Ok, here goes.
I let her wear them, she used the potty a lot that evening. Unfortunately, she also woke up twice with a wet bum and wet bed clothes. Thankfully, I am prepared. I bought 2 waterproof mattress covers when we got her new sheets so no big deal. Each time she had an accident, she demanded another pair of panties. This is a huge change from the last time she wanted to wear panties.
Friday morning, we went to school in panties. She pottied before school and immediately pottied when we got there. Her teachers were a little thrown off balance only because a couple of her other friends, who she has been in school with for all three classes she has been in, are also starting their potty training this week (peer pressure? maybe). She had 7 successes and 4 accidents at school on Friday. Not bad for a first day.
Ok, so here is the part where i get selfish. Rather than get up a lot Friday night, I convinced Miss C to wear a pull up and then panties on top for bed. If she woke up dry, great, if not, no huge issue. She woke up a little wet this morning but in great spirits. We had a busy day planned, lots of big girl clothes shopping. Miss C wanted more skirts, a few school dresses (most of the ones we have are party dresses or getting small on her). She also needed new tennis shoes, more tights, you know, stuff.
We left the house at 930am. She tried to go potty before we left. Ok, so i admit, I might have been a little crazy to go out when she is so early in her potty training, but I packed her bag with extra clothes and panties so off we went. When we got to the store, we stopped by the potty first thing. I have learned that it is best to both go in the big potty, i go first then she tries. No output but no accident either. We found lots of great stuff and then went to lunch.
When we got to the restaurant, we told the host we needed to find the potty first. Ok, another attempt. Again, no success but no accident so no big deal. Nice lunch with one of my guys who is retiring and his brother. After lunch, we decided it was important to go potty before driving home. We got to the bathroom but the big potty was being used. Rather than try to use the little potty, Miss C said we would wait. So, we danced to the restaurant's music in the bathroom while we waited to potty. Once the big potty was available, Miss C told me I had to go first. Ok, done. When it was her turn, she asked me to run the water so there I was, running from the big potty to the sinks where you have to wave your hand under the faucet to get it to run. By the time I got back, Miss C was beaming "I went potty in the big toilet, mama! I got all the yellow potty out of my tush!" She was so thrilled with her success that after we washed our hands, she ran out of the potty and yelled to everyone in ear shot "I went potty in the toilet!" She actually got applause from a couple of people!
This afternoon, another huge success. Miss C gave me this "uh oh" look and said "mama, I have to go (#2)! and proceeded to run into the bathroom. Next thing I hear is "MOM! I WENT POOP IN THE POTTY NOT IN MY PANTIES! I CAN DO IT! I'M A BIG GIRL!" Yes you are, sweetie, you are a big girl now.
Talk about a great week! And, oh, where has my little girl gone?


Happy walker said...

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cindy w said...

I am officially jealous. My C-girl is in panties most of the time now, but she will. not. poop. in the potty. Instead, when she needs to poop, she brings me a Pull-Up and demands to change out of her panties and into the Pull-Up instead. I'm trying to figure out exactly when I'm gonna lay down the line and be like, that's it, no more Pull-Ups. But she is STUBBORN and also prone to major constipation, and those two things do not mix. So I'm kind of scared to push it. We'll see. She'll get there eventually, right?

But, go Miss C! That is awesome that she's doing so well so fast!

LizardBreath said...

I claim no success here, its all Miss C. She decided the other night that she is a big girl and went on with it. I make sure she tries to potty before we got somewhere be it outside or on an adventure. The rest of the time, I just remind her, when you have to go potty, just find the nearest one. I tried to push every now and then for the past 10 months but she was adamantly against it. C girl will get done when she gets done, on her schedule. i think that potty training is something that kids just know they control and we just have to be patient. Trust me, easier said than done!