Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Miss C turned 21 months old! (Yep, yesterday, forgive my tardiness!)

21 months is an in between age, I think. While Miss C didn't appear to grow physically, she definitely grew mentally.

Miss C's vocabulary and overall ability to express herself have improved exponentially. For example, while playing "night, night" in our bed (Miss C loves to play on the "big bed"), she often sends us out of the room. As soon as we get near the door we hear "I awake, [Miss C] awake!" followed by a series of giggles! Its too cute! She also tells us when she is back. For example, when Miss C decides its time for her to go "bye bye" into her play room she will often tell us "bye bye" and run off. A minute or so later, Miss C will run full throttle into whatever room we are in and announce to everyone "I back! [Miss C] back!" while poking herself in the chest to emphasize that she is [Miss C].

Miss C continues her love of cooking and cleaning (not sure how long this will last but hey, while we are enjoying it, right?). Anytime DH or I are in the kitchen, invariably you will find Miss C on her "big step" helping us out. It really is a help though. She will use her frying pan and make whatever it is you are making. On the off chance she doesn't actually want to be in the kitchen, MIss C will bring her cooking utensils, some plates, some spoons etc and cook for Elmo or her dolly. She requires Elmo to "eat" with us (which, for our sake, is just sitting at the table) which leads me to another item.
Miss C, shock of all shocks, continues to be very directive. Sometimes she will surprise you with her wiley ways though. If she wants us to sit at the table she will direct us one by one to "Mama sit down, daddy sit down, everybody sit down." Sometimes, however, she is actually quite subtle. This afternoon, for example, she asked to get help trying on a pair of shoes. Mind you, we have been home for about 45 minutes and have already eaten dinner so this was our winddown time before bath. Ok, shoes on. Next Miss C goes and gets her "yellow jack[et]", can anyone see where we are going with this? Yep, then she gets my shoes and deposits them at my feet saying "mama, get up, shoes on" and then points to daddy's jacket and says "daddy, jack[et]." Yep, before we could say "boo" Miss C had fenagled a quick trip outside. If it had been over 32 degrees out we might have stayed out longer but as it was we made it about 10 minutes before the cold won out and we went in.

Aside from the verbal skills, Miss C continues to develop her fine and gross motor skills. While announcing "I made that" to us whenever she colors a new picture, Miss C talked me (very difficult, by the way) into getting out her paints so we can paint pictures (she does bore of it after about 20 minutes but heck, how long is her attention span supposed to be at this age?). She races us down the driveway with increasing speed each time and she loves to garden (or pull weeds at present, if you will). Miss C also continues to develop her love of music and as such has taken up the recorder. We haven't started on how to use the holes to actually make certain sounds but she sure does love it!
Here are a few newer photos for you to enjoy:

So, what's new with you?

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