Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mine, Mine, Mine

For those of you with toddlers, this post will be familiar.

Our word of the day/week/month is "mine". It is a relatively recent development but thankfully an expected, common one. Miss C has been known, like most of her classmates, to stakeout specific areas of the classroom or certain toys and declare "mine" while not permitting even their closest little buddies to get within arms reach of said toys or area. At first I was a little concerned then I saw the rules of the classroom:

1. If I saw it first, it is mine.
2. If you have something I want to play with, it is mine.
3. If I discarded something and you picked it up, it is mine.
4. If I show even remote interest in something, it is mine.
5. And, above all else, if you want it, it is mine.

Luckily not all days are "mine" days. Today, for example, was a good sharing day. The not so good days include anytime a friend in Miss C's class decides to come over and talk to me. That, my friends, is a big no-no. One little girl used to try and sit in my lap, each attempt resulted in Miss C getting extremely mad and pushing said little girl off. If another classmate tries to give me a hug, Miss C will drop whatever it is she is doing to run over and yell "no!!!" at the top of her lungs while lunging to get the classmate away from me. Apparently parents fall under "mine" as well.

Have you dealt with this situation yet?

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