Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

Sorry I am a little behind the power curve here, but we only got back yesterday.

We had a terrific time visiting DH's family! Miss C is getting used to her grandparents but apparently remembered her Auntie J very well as the minute J walked in the house, Miss C gave her just the cutest little grin! Its nice to know that Miss C thinks Auntie J is cool!

We spent our days visiting and opening gifts, lots and lots of gifts (thank yous to come, promise!) and just enjoying each others company.
Miss C got comfortable with her Grandma but still thinks her Grandpa is a little scary. We think its just that he is a very tall, broad man and he has a moustache, something her daddy doesn't have. We're sure she'll warm up to him the next time they visit. They did have an awful lot of fun playing together with either myself or DH there as well.

We, ok I, took lots of pictures and you can see them at our flickr account (just go to the badge). Its funny, I get teased about taking lots of photos, but I think everyone kind of likes them! As a gift, we put together some different collages for DH's parents, his grandma and his sister. They all told us they would put the pictures up once they came up with a location.

After we landed from our flight back, we stopped by Poobou's house to visit and take a break from the traveling. If you remember, we, Miss C and I, did this when we first moved up here. During that visit, the girls kind of ignored each other and when we took photos at the end, Poobou's Miss C petted my Miss C's head and tried to lick her.

Well, I think the tables turned this time! From the minute they were both on the floor, my Miss C kept trying to pull the other C close to her. She managed to grab onto her shirt while we were taking photos but it wasn't until we put the cameras up and were saying our good byes that she got what she wanted. Apparently, Miss C thinks C is another stuffed animnal or maybe even a baby, since we are always playing "kisses" we think that's why when Miss C finally did manage to get a hold of C that she kissed her face! It was too funny for words. Unfortunately, C cried. Luckily, Poobou managed to calm her down with some Tigger and Friends. Like I said, too cute, too funny!

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