Friday, November 5, 2010

Playing catch up

So I know it has been over a month since I last posted. Please accept my heart felt apologies!
We've been so darn busy lately, its not funny. Aside from normal work busy-ness, we spent a week on the east coast finding a place to stay and a school for Miss C (success on both fronts, yea!) and since we have returned we have been crazy with getting the house ready for showing (no success on that front, boo!) and getting us ready to move. Ugh. Thank goodness DH works so hard to keep my stress levels down. I hate moving!
We spent some time this week making and packaging cookies so Miss C could bring some in for the teachers that have made the largest impact on her during our time here. We handed them out this morning and they were a hit so yea! 
What next? Ok, first we pack our bags for our extended hotel stay (about 3 weeks total until we are in the  new place), then we have folks come over to pack the house. Yep. After work Friday we can start the journey. Yea. I know, not so enthusiastic but I will get there. We have loads of stops planned because Miss C is a very active kiddo and needs to be able to stretch her legs. DH has arranged our hotels for the drive and I have a template for basically providing you all, my friends and family, some insights into the places we stay at in the event that you too get to move across the US!  I am pretty excited about getting Miss C's take on each hotel including what she thinks of the breakfasts because we all know a bad breakfast can ruin a day, especially a travel day.
I will try to post pictures along the way but no promises! We're nearly ready! Any last minute suggestions? Here's what we have so far:
We have a dvd player in the car for her and one for the hotels, though I doubt we need that one,
We have built a project box with lots of stuff to do when we do get to the hotels
We have snacks planned and can pick up more en route
We plan to bring about 7 days worth of clothes including PJs so we don't have to worry about laundry all of the time

What am I forgetting?


PartnerInCrime said...

Hmm... Do any hotels along the way have an indoor pool? Kind of fun to break out the swimsuits in November, and it'd be a fun activity for Miss C after sitting in the car all day. (Plus sitting in the water might help ease YOUR muscles after driving all day too!) That's good that you've planned for a lot of stops, but do remember that she'll probably go berserk when you get to the hotels at night because she'll have so much energy to burn. At least, that's what happened with us when we ended up on our never-ending road trip in the UK last Christmas!

I would also say, grab a couple of those sample-size detergents from the travel section of the drug store. Most hotels & motels have laundry facilities for guests (you just need quarters), so you could do some laundry halfway through your trip and not have to worry about getting to your new house with a car full of clothes that need to be washed right away.

Make sure you bring any toys that Miss C might want for comfort. C-girl has a thing for her stuffed animals, so we usually bring at least 2 or 3 every time we go on a trip. They help her get to sleep when we settle into the hotel.

Good luck! It'll probably be more fun than you expect. For me, the anxiety about moving is usually MUCH worse than the actual move itself. Hope we get to see you guys when you pass through!

LizardBreath said...

We grabbed a toy box (soft sided cube) for Miss C to pack with her favorite toys to have during the move. She will definitely have some stuffed animals in the car, too!
Just packed our swim suits, hoping the pools are indoors or at least heated! You're soooo right about it helping all of us relax!
Talked to DH about laundry and since we have to take two cars, he is just going to bring our normal laundry stuff and we have a collapsable laundry hamper so that will make it easier.
We fully expect to have to get all of us back into a schedule once we finally arrive since, as you pointed out, the kiddo will have to burn off some steam once we get into the hotel rooms. Thankfully, DH got us 2 room suites or adjoining rooms so Miss C can have some space to run around!
Still trying to weed out some junk from the house so we aren't just moving stuff to throw it out!
Ok, all, keep the suggestions rolling!

PartnerInCrime said...

Oh yeah, the part about throwing stuff out beforehand? We did that too. I had the Salvation Army come pick up a bunch of stuff that we didn't want to haul with us, and we also rented a dumpster to toss a whole bunch of other junk that we didn't need. Felt good to lighten the load so much!

LizardBreath said...

I am afraid that we will be doing more throwing out once we get there but we did make progress