Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yep, that's my girl!

So, we've got the house on the market and thankfully we have had a few showings.  The only issue is that we have to be out of the house for the showings.  During the week, its no big deal since they are usually when we are at work anyway but on the weekends, well, it gets challenging.  We got a call yesterday requesting a showing late this afternoon so Miss C and I decided that we would have an adventure after her nap so we would be out of the house during the showing.  Today was the day to check out new playgrounds. 
We decided to check out a playground at a nearby elementary school and one near Miss C's school.  We had a great time at both playgrounds but at the first, after exploring the entire area, Miss C wanted to return to one specific part of the playground.  Well, there were three little boys, about 7 years old, playing there.  Miss C thought they were going to try to scare her so she looks at me and says "watch this."
This is where I say, she is definitely my kid!  Ok, so she starts walking very seriously, stomping almost, over to the boys and says "Hey guys, I'm brave and I can run super fast! Watch this!" and proceeds to run over to the slide and play!
Seriously!  I did tell her that her initial reaction probably should be to introduce herself to the boys rather than expect them to try to scare her but wow! What a crazy kid!

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Cat said...

That is SO FUNNY, I love it!!! And yes, she is MOST DEFINITELY your girl.