Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Has it really been three years?

I can't believe it. Tomorrow, June 9th my baby turns 3!
She is such a big girl now, just ask her.
I haven't had her in to the doc yet for her check up but she is definitely at least 40 inches tall and the last time we had her weighed she was about 35 pounds. She is surely in the 95th percentile for height and about 80th for weight. She is very potty trained (thank goodness she decided it was time for that) and oh my gosh can she express herself!
We still have some trouble with certain sounds, like s sounds, those can sound like fs still but boy once you figure her out, you are bound to come up with an interesting conversation.
Lately she has come to saying "remember when" before she tells you some story. She is fond of telling people stories about her that we have told her about our childhood. For example, DH told Miss C about his childhood cat. When her sitter was here, Miss C related the very same story to her but only it started out as "when I was little..."
Miss C has also developed a keen sense of humor. We were driving home talking about water and tides. I know, interesting conversation, right? Anyway, I had been showing her the difference between high tide and low tide. Today, however, she chose to consistently answer incorrectly. When I asked her about it, she told me "mama, I am just teasing you!" Seriously! She got DH the other day when she looked at him and said "oh no, I just had an accident" and ran to the potty. DH got there and Miss C gave him a huge grin and said "Daddy, I was just messing with you!"
I have definitely got my hands full! Aside from the communication skills, Miss C has decided she is "big enough" to like certain things. For example, she decided that she likes butter a while back but now she likes syrup too! She confided in me today that she will be big enough for broccoli when she is three. Yea, we'll see that tomorrow. She has also started sticking to her guns more. When she makes a decision, it is difficult to change her mind. Its interesting to watch because we have always striven to give her opportunities to make decisions, usually giving her two choices. Now, she often gives herself a third choice which she sticks with.
I know I haven't posted in a while nor have i posted pictures, but I will try to post some pictures in my next entry (can't give you all everything at once!).
So what comes next? :)


cindy w said...

Aw, happy happy birthday, Miss C! Three year-olds are the most fun. Now go have some broccoli! :-)

Cat said...

That sense of humor is great! I love those stories of her messing with you and g!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS C (a few days late)!!

(oh, and this is funny and totally random, but the word verification on my comment today, is your daughter's nickname with an s at the end. Cool!)