Tuesday, November 11, 2008

MIss C is seventeen months old! (Ok, so that was on the 9th!)

I know this is a couple of days late but here goes:

1. Miss C's verbal skills are improving by the day. She is more vocal about what she wants to do and where she wants to go. When she gets up from either bed or a nap, she tells me "dia, dia" (sounds like die, die) so I change her diaper "milk" if she wants some milk, "snack" if she is hungry, "color" if she wants to color and often "pooh" or "cat" for whichever of her animals that she wants.

2. Miss C has discovered a love of shopping. We went to the Exchange last weekend to get some more pants for her and I held up two pairs to let her decide which color to get. She looked over both pairs (with quite the discerning eye) and chose one, grabbed it out of my and and immediately put it in the cart behind her seat. When I need to go to the store, I ask her if she wants to go on a "Shopping Adventure" and she says "yes, mama, shop, shop." Too funny!

3. Miss C is even better at matching thigns than I thought. Since she got her Little People's toy, I ask her to find different animals. She loves all of them and will just grab one at random and then find the matching animal on the mat and press the button to "talk" (she says it will talk too!).

4. Miss C adores coloring. I expect this is quite common at this age (and for many years to come). I tried coloring books but Miss C isn't quite into them yet but she does love her crayons (just the regular kind, not the triangle ones or the ones that look like eggs) and a basic pad of paper. I did discover that for going out, a spiral bound set of index cards is perfect. None of the pages come loose and Miss C has plenty of paper to color on.

Well, that's a few of her latest "tricks". DH has been gone a month but if the schedule holds true, he might actually be back in a couple of weeks. Yea! Its a shame that he has to miss so much of this but it could be worse, I suppose.

Ok, I am going to close out with a few new photos:

So, any thoughts on what to expect next?


Tony said...

That is one cute kid!

What to expect? Who knows. I am still surprised by Elizabeth almost everyday.

Cat said...

Looks like she got a new haircut! Sooooo cute.

Have you discovered the love-love-loveliness of washable crayons? I prefer the jumbo-crayolas over the skinny ones, but either way, they're the ONLY kind I let e-baby use because she sometimes decides that my kitchen cabinet would look better with rainbows on them.

LizardBreath said...

Haven't seen washable crayons but that might not be a bad idea even though we are trying to teach "we color on paper only." :) No new haircut, just moved around when she sleeps/plays/puts food in it! Its getting longer and she's putting more stuff in it! :)

Cat said...

Yeah, mine has a guilty conscience because although she knows it's supposed to be paper only, sometimes she can't resist a little artistic embellishment...

The washable Crayolas are usually sold wherever you find regular crayons. Just look for "Washable" written on the box.

Oh, and I'm glad she's learning the joys of shopping. She will be fun to go door-busting with the day after Thanksgiving!!