Friday, June 1, 2007

OOOhhhh.... Flowwwweeerrrrs

Yep, you thought I was done with that, huh? Me too! Ok, how to explain?
A couple of days ago DH and I received an email from our realtor up north. If you have checked our flickr site lately, you will notice that the builder is completing the framing for the downstairs part of the new house and wanted us to pick our colors for outside. Easy, right? Maybe if you're not pregnant. Allow me to continue.
So, yesterday after DH got home from work he asks me, so very sweetly, "how about we go over to Lowes and see about house paint?" I said, sure. Let's do that. I got on my shoes. Wait. No. I slipped on my flip flops (that's a carry over from Hawaii, not a preggers thing!) and I was rearing to go. We drive the 1.2 miles (just across the way from the grocery store) and we were there!
We pulled into the parking lot and started in. Now, if you've ever done any home improvement or anything, you understand that these places have loads of items out front. Yesterday there were grills and, yep, really pretty flowers out front. As we neared the entrance I made a ninety degree turn to the left and started looking at the flowers. I swear I said "Oh, look at the pretty flowers..." NO kidding! We have no where for these things and I know we were there to pick our paint but did that help, NO! DH looked at me, laughed and said "Flllooooowwwwweeeeeeeeeeersss." Then he took my arm and said "Paint, love, we're here for paint."
At that point my focus was broken and we walked in the store. From that point, it was quite simple. We asked the paint guy which was indoor and which was outdoor paint. We quickly agreed that Stone Grey (Olympic paint) is great for the outside and Brie (Olympic paint again, very versatile stuff!) is good for the inside. DH wants to wait to see if he will paint Miss C's nursery once we get there or if its going to be mainly my decorating. Either way, it took all of 10 minutes to figure out what we wanted, grab two of the cards for each (one to mail north, one to keep so we have a copy of what we sent). I am sure I heard a sigh of relief when we got back to the car. Until...
Well, I offered to run into the grocery store if DH stopped by on the way home. I didn't even have the list, I just thought i remembered what was on it. DH said, "well, do you really need anything right now?" I conceded that, no, I didn't need anything. He then said, "I'll go later then, love. Let's get you home for a nap."
The moral of the story is this. Next time a woman you love gets distracted, don't try to scare her. Its like sleep walking. Just help her break the spell!Oooohhh....flowwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrssss.

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