Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

To DH, SNG and all of the other wonderful fathers out there, Happy Father's Day. As this is our first experience with this holiday on our level, its a neat one! As you can see from the photos, Miss C is already getting bigger and Sammy is less skittish around her. That is not to say she is at all comfortable around her, just that she is willing to sit near myself or DH while we have Miss C in our arms. We are still having an interesting time introducing the two!

I would love to tell you that Miss C's schedule is getting stable and we are all sleeping well, but you all know if I said that I was either delusional or full or it. In either case, we're doing well not because her schedule is squared away but because we share responsibilities as we can. DH is great about staying up with Miss C if she is fussy so I can get a nap in before the next feeding and I take Miss C out of the room if she gets overly fussy and DH is just catching up on some sleep. We are quite happy with the results of this!
Well, aside from all that, not much else to report. DH's folks can't get away from work and all that until early next month, but we look forward to their visit whenever it comes. My little brother, W, and his new wife, L, are trying to make a day trip out here. DH and I are just waiting to hear when they have time clear on their schedules so we can work something out here. We're still planning on putting the house on the market by the end of the month so showings are bound to get interesting. Wish us luck with a quick and early sale for the most we can pull out of our equity!
Again, Happy Father's Day! Hope everyone has a terrific day!


poobou said...

Happy Father's Day, Greg!

Lizard, she is so gorgeous. Congratulations again! (I've been meaning to comment for ages, I just always seem to end up reading your blog when I have my Miss C in my arms, and it's hard to type one-handed.)

Enjoy those naps when you can get them. The first couple of months are basically all about Survival Mode. :-)

LizardBreath said...

Thanks so much. We're making our way through one day at a time. The move will surely be a test to our skills! Luckily we have a few months! Looking forward to seein you, Le Bon and c-baby sometime this fall!

AmazonQueen said...

Happy Father's Day and congrats on the beautiful Miz C.

Cat said...

Happy Father's Day!

Sammy does, indeed, look very content.