Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Visiting with Doc

Well, that was fun. Ok, you all know I am joking about that part. I did have another doctor's appointment today, somewhat a 38 week check up. DH went with. My normal doc was on vacation so I saw a different one. I weighed in (yuck!) and geez, in the past 10 weeks have gained 3 pounds. Yep, the uniform really does make a difference!
No, I am not trying to avoid weight gain. I know Miss C needs whatever she needs to be healthy. I just gained my weight early on. This time I was not in uniform, I chose to wear normal civvies. Golly. This doc didn't even blink about my weight. I hate it when someone screws with my head.
Ok, back to the appointment. Nothing much to note. Miss C is in the correct position (head down, for those unsure) and is rearing to go. No dilation check (this doc waits until 40 weeks to do anything like that) so we just did the fundal height and heart rate (39cm and 148bpm for Miss C, if you are curious).
So, we're back on the wait and see program. We haven't actually left that program yet. Decided not to rush back into the office after the appointment since there wouldn't be anyone there (board meeting apparently, ask if you're not sure what that means. That's a whole blog entry in itself!). Now we're just kicking back at home, checking stocks, writing blog entries, trying to be patient.
That's the excitement for today. Hope your Wednesday is as productive! ;-)


Cat said...

I knew it was those combat boots! They must weigh 5 pounds on their own. And that 40-lb flight pack you always have to wear. I've heard about those.

Joking aside, I am glad you were able to prove to your doctor's office that you're really *not* eating for two! Three pounds in the last 10 weeks sounds like very little weight gain. I'd wager that you lost weight as the baby gained it. You'll have no problem passing your 6-month fitness test.

LizardBreath said...

Either way, I just want to be done with carrying this extra pack around! I am used to my little one and her antics but I want to see them rather than jut feel them.
DH laughed at me about the whole weight thing but he knows how frustrated it got me. I let these things impact my mental health too much.
Anyway! Back in the office today. Hoping this goes by quickly. Keeping our fingers crossed that Miss C decides to show up today but we all know its entirely up to her at this point. Full moon tonight though so its anyone's guess! ;-)