Monday, June 25, 2007

Our first video post!

Ok folks, we are trying something new today! We are attempting to post our first video. As with most new parents, we invested in a neat little handy camcorder and are now working our way towards building our Miss C film library. As you can imagine, its hard to decide where to start. We chose a rather simple video, tummy time.

On another note, if you want to comment on this or any of the other posts, you just have to go to and set up a log in. Your log in can be another email address, no big deal, we just don't do anonymous comments. I looked into switching to Haloscan but don't want to lose the comments we already have so... Just thought I would mention it. As you can imagine, we're still quite busy. Miss C's schedule isn't really solid and, oh yea, we're working on the whole sell this house thing so... please understand if we are less on the phone than before. We love hearing from everyone, just not every day.
Well, Miss C is growing at an incredible rate and we think she is well into her second growth spurt. She eats like a race horse and is amazingly aware of what is going on. As you will see in the video, she is just awesome. I am sitting here watching her figure out her hands. She is trying to suck on her thumb but hasn't quite figured that out yet. Its awesome!


butler6 said...

Ok...I finally broke down and got a Google log in. Your daughter is so cute. I am very proud Aunt and M is a proud cousin. We loved this video and I have to say that picture of her smiling looks just like you did when we were kids. Absolutely adorable. I am glad I can watch her grow up while I am on deployment. M will be sure to keep up with her via your blog as well. I just want to kiss and hug C so much!!!!! Love all three of you!

LizardBreath said...

Glad you finally caved in. I know how busy your deployment will be but knowing you can stay abreast of Miss C's development and watch some cool videos has to help! :-)

butler6 said...

Miss C will love this when she's older. M watches her tapes from time to time. Now, I just need to actually convert them to DVDs. I bought a tape to DVD recorder two years ago with that in mind and never got around to it. I need to do it before her tapes are worn out. I absolutely love looking at how little she was when she was just learning how to crawl or watching her really learn how to turn over. It's incredible and I'm so happy you and G get to experience it with your daughter.

Julia said...

Hi Liz!

Just a quick check in to say hello and say how happy we are for your family. Your family is dealing with a triple task at the moment... 1) New Baby 2) Selling old house 3) Building new house (you over achiever types can't just do one, you have to do all three at the same time!) : ) In any case, it warms my heart to see a beautiful baby born into a loving family and
a Mommy & Daddy whom are totally smitten. As it should be!
Amazing what a three hour recharge can do for everyone isn't it? We turned our phone off and didn't really interact too much except for immediate family for the first few weeks. It's such a joyful, precious time and one's mother bear instinct kicks into protection mode - big time! I began to relax a bit
after a few months but was on full alert when she was being held by or was around bigger kids or adults who hadn't been around a newborn in a while and didn't understand (or had forgotten)about a newborn's needs to build up their immune system. : )

Cat said...

So cute! And she's so STRONG!

Julia- I know exactly what you mean about the baby and germs-- our house was a take-off-shoes-and-wash-your-hands zone after our baby was born last September. You have to remind people, but I think everyone understands. I even got the 5-year-olds in the neighborhood to wash up! They'll do anything to have a glimpse at a new baby. ;-)

LizardBreath said...

Julia, We've had a couple of weeks basically alone with Miss C. DH's parents and sister are in bound this weekend. We're really looking forward to it! We, that is Miss C and I, are taking short trips out. We already met with the day care she will attend and today we are doing some grocery shopping. C is very amiable to the traveling. My concerns are still the same though! Can't wait to see you all when you get time to stop by!

Cat, Isn't she amazing! We're still surprised at her strength. Sometimes she gives me this all knowing look that shouldn't be possible for an 18 day old baby!