Saturday, June 2, 2007

39 weeks and counting!

Just when you thought she couldn't drop any lower! Holy cow! Check out that belly!

We're keeping our fingers crossed that we meet Little Miss C soon but she's not quite overdue yet... I did have DH post an eviction notice. She has only so many days then its time to leave! We're like little kids we're so excited. Have been talking to lots of family this weekend. Everyone is asking "have you had her yet?" I promise DH will call. I swear. We will actually posting pictures when we can afterwards to the blog so if you don't get a call, please be patient.

Well, DH is making me tacos! Yummy. Hopefully we'll be posting other pics soon.


Cat said...

Look at that baby belly! Won't be long now. Nope, not long at all. Any minute now. Yup, reeeeeeal soon. Now just hurry up and wait.

Are we doing a virtual baby pool? My money is on 2 days before the due date-- June 10.

LizardBreath said...

Not sure if anyone else is doing a pool or not. No one has mentioned anything to me. We have another doctor's appointment tomorrow, so we'll try to find out more information. Heard from everyone this weekend. Even had one of the neighbors call (said, hadn't seen much activity, wanted to know if anything was going on, blah, blah.)! The belly is even lower than in the picture! DH says he has to lean to kiss me now because of the belly!