Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A long awaited entry!

Well, its been over a week since we last posted and HURRAH! Little Miss C arrived! We went to the hospital Friday evening the 8th of June and early the morning of the 9th were the proud parents of a 7 lbs 4 oz, 20 1/2 long little girl we love dearly. See the first photos! We also uploaded to our FLICKR so check out the badge to the right on the blog.

We apologize if we were unable to contact everyone after we had the baby, it was a bit hectic. To make a long story short, Miss C had a high Bili Ruben count accompanied by a high hematocrit so we just got released from the hospital this after noon. We have a follow up appointment at the pediatrician tomorrow afternoon.

Sorry if we are short on details right now, but we know you all understand how exhausted we are. I will try to update again tomorrow to fill in any holes, ask away! Sammy is a little afraid of Miss C right now and has avoided the pack 'n play for the most part. I'm going on a week with about 2 hours of sleep per day so forgive us if some of this rambles!
Anyway, thanks again for teh wonderful phone calls and posts. We will catch up (in about 18 years?) and get back with you. Call again, we're home now! This is just the coolest...


Cat said...

Oh, Liz- she is absolutely gorgeous. But I thought she was dark-haired? She looks like a blonde to me! And she looks so much like her dad! SO cute. Her skin is so clear, newborns never have skin that pretty. Are you sure you didn't just borrow her from a modeling agency? :-)

I know you're overwhelmed and trying to keep your sanity, so thanks for posting some pictures for us!!!

LizardBreath said...

Miss C's hair has changed so much in the past 4 days! It actually is exactly the same color as the braid I have worn pulled back the entire time.
We just went through our first attempt to sleep at night. That worked out poorly. Poor thing had an upset tummy (we had to supplement a little formula while still in the hospital) and basically pooped herself around 3 am. Aside from that, she wanted to nurse every time I set her down. I am sure its an early growth spurt!
Promise to keep posting the pictures!
Oh, the ones of e-baby for Susie are beautiful! I love seeing her enjoy the watermelon!

Julia said...

Dear Liz & Greg,

Our sincerest, warmest, congratulations with the birth of your
beautiful baby girl. You all look radiant and the bliss is evident
in your pictures. Thank you for letting us share this beautiful
moment in your lives. She is just lovely Liz - you did so
great. We will let you three enjoy these precious moment with your
new bundle and immediate family but we wanted to let you know
we are absolutely thrilled your you! We'll be in touch.

Love, Julia, John, & Sarah Tucker

P.S. Liz, you look amazing. All that exercise and discipline has
paid dividends, Rock on you amazing woman.

LizardBreath said...

You are so very sweet! Thank you so much. We find ourselves cooing and oohing and ahhing at everything, from the burps to the monster poops! Its amazing, all of it. Its wonderful to have so many terrific people we can share our experiences with. Thanks for being among them! Looking forward to seeing you sometime in the future. Let us know if you are in the neighborhood. DH is our bouncer right now but you might be able to bribe him!