Monday, June 4, 2007

Another day, another doctor's appointment

Well, at least I didn't have to go to work too.
We got today off because we changed bosses (I can give the long explanation if you want it, just ask) on Friday. Lucky me, I also had a doctor's appointment. 39 weeks! Wow!
DH went with. He's a regular at the doc's lately. Just in case and all that. Nothing new to report. Very little in the way of dilation. Still early. Trying to be patient.
The one thing the doc did emphasize is "walk, walk, walk, walk.." Not that we don't normally do quite a bit of that, but since he said it might get us to where we want sooner, we took the advice to heart. I did anyway. We walked twice already since we got home. Will walk again before I try to sleep.
Am getting nuttier by the minute. DH keeps laughing at how easy it is for me to get distracted and I am not helping the situation one bit. We were sitting out back, reading, enjoying the weather and decided to go inside for a bite to eat. We ate out earlier in the day so neither of us were very hungry. As I was teasing DH about his choice of dinner (mac 'n cheese and rolls with peanut butter) I opened the fridge and said (I swear on a stack of bibles this is true) "Oooohhhh cherrrrieeess." Yep. I did it again. DH hasn't stopped laughing yet. I am convinced i am going to eventually go into laughter induced labor! If only it were that easy!


Cat said...

Hey, laughter-induced labor? It can't hurt to try.

Keep smiling!

LizardBreath said...

I'm willing to try almost anything (no castor oil for this gal!) but I recognize that Miss C will show up when she decides.
Sammy decided to be a bum this morning. We got up a little later than normal so I think she was just trying to get our attention, but she was in the pack 'n play this morning when I got up. I picked her up and removed her and she hopped right back in. It was like a game! I eventually (after a couple of tries) got a spray bottle but failed to "prime the pump" so Sammy watched me try to squirt her three times before she hopped out of the pack 'n play and went on her way. She's convinced something "odd" is going on. Hopefully she will deal well with Miss C!

Julia said...

Oooooo.. no Posts in a few days...this could be it!!!...I hope, I hope!...Our thoughts and prayers are with you Liz, Greg, and Baby C.

SO Exciting!!!!!

Cat said...


poobou said...

Heard about the arrival from Cat, congratulations and all that, but seriously, WHERE ARE THE PICTURES?!?!!

One suggestion I heard about the cat: when the baby isn't in the Pack 'N Play, fill it with balloons. Cat jumps in, balloons pop, cat has holy bejeezus scared out of him, and he learns never to go back to that horrible loud place ever again.