Sunday, May 20, 2007

37 weeks and huh??

Well, we're at 37 weeks, holy cow! As you might be able to tell in the above photos, Little Miss C has dropped quite a bit in the past week. Additionally, I have been suffering from what is commonly known as pregnancy forgetfulness, or as DH and I like to think of it "ooohhhh, flowers..." Its not even funny anymore (ok, it is in a hokey kind of way, but it is really weird for someone so used to doing so many things at once to find themselves so easily distracted!).
So, how does this forgetfulness work, you ask? Here's an example, while most of the time this is due to baby stuff (getting clothes ready, putting together her pack 'n play, etc), I get distracted when I shop, grocery shop. I went out yesterday for eggs, breadcrumbs and spaghetti and ended up spending half an hour out (the store is about a mile away and I freaking drove!) because the produce department had cherries in. Yep, cherries. I walked in, grabbed a basket and saw "ooooohhhh, cherries..." It gets worse. While I found the items on my list, I realized I needed some Parmesan cheese so I went to get some and ended up with some string cheese as well because, "ooohhh, cheeessseee..." So, not sure how long this lasts. It is beneficial in that DH cracks me up making fun of it so I get an exta ab work out (sorry Miss C!) by laughing so much.
Ok, so we are really at 37 weeks. DH thinks that the trifecta of next weekend (Memorial Day, Full Moon and inviting people over for dinner) will most likely result in Miss C's early arrival. Hey, I'm up for anything at this point. I don't really sleep anymore (though I heard that pretty much lasts forever! ;-)) and I really do want to meet Miss C. So, we'll keep plugging away and let you all know if anything changes here. Until then, enjoy the remainder of your weekend!


Cat said...

Wow, look at that belly! Fabulous. I was reading in all the fashion mags that it's THE look for spring this year. ;-)

I have always been "Ooooh- Flowers." As a little kid, they called it space cadet. Then they called it absent-minded professor. Now they call it Mommy brain. Someday they'll call it Old-timer's. Same syndrome, different ages.

But I have to admit, pregnancy and motherhood did amplify it a bit.

There is a neurological explanation, too boring to put into a blog comment. It boils down to this-- your brain has severed and is rebuilding a significant portion of its old connections to make you a more efficient mother.

LizardBreath said...

Ah, so much to look forward to. We've been doing stuff around the house to get it ready to put on the market in another few weeks so loads to do still. DH met with some realtors and we will have more meetings this week. The issue will become when can they show the house with Sammy (our kitty!) and eventually the new baby. We've already put caveats on calling before showing etc. I admit I am glad that we already took care of most everything with the new house. We still have some issues left to be dealt with but we can handle those later this summer.
As far as the belly goes, it's all Little Miss C! She is showing off, let me tell you. She doesn't stay still for long and I swear she is trying to stretch out completely. Its getting tough on this end. I swear there are bruises that just haven't shown up on my side yet. That being said, I am so anxious to meet her. Is it time yet? Are we there yet?