Monday, May 21, 2007

Just because

Just because I realized I haven't posted a picture of DH and our "little" kitty (Sammy), I put one here. As you can see, someone little already runs the household so when Little Miss C arrives, there might be a fight over power. I have to admit it, the cat has run our lives and our home for nearly 9 years. Boy does she have a shock coming to her!

If you have been keeping up, we've been making some serious changes to the house, putting stuff in storage for the house showing as well as putting together lots of stuff for Miss C. We've tried not to hide anything from the cat and she hasn't really gotten into anything, YET. I think once we have a little person in those items like bouncy chairs and pack 'n plays, the cat might decide they need to be investigated more closely. As you can see by her pose with DH, she does think she rules the roost.

When we started showing, the cat couldn't figure out why Mommy's tummy wasn't cooperating when she wanted to "flop." In fact, she felt Miss C's first real kick before I did. Sammy was flopped on my lap and she gave me this look like "what the hell??" when she mewed loudly and hopped off. It took me a couple of seconds to realize she had just been kicked. It has happened so frequently now that she won't even try to lay on my belly, though she does have an affinity for making cat scarves on me by lying on my chest (no, really!) and draping herself over my shoulder. Again, not so sure how well she will react when Miss C cries for the first time, or grabs her tail for that matter.

Well, that's pretty much it for now. Hope you all are having a terrific day!


poobou said...

You never know, Sammy might surprise you. I was very worried about how my cat Teenie would react when we brought home our Miss C, since she's almost 11 years old and was quite happy being an "only child" (at least until Dave and I got married and she had to start sharing me with the other cats). But she's been great, almost like she had some kind of instinct that Cate belongs to us, therefore she's ok. She was very protective and would chase the other kitties off while I was nursing. And now when Cate's in the bouncer, Teenie will come along and rub her face on Cate's feet. It's very sweet.

So much for that old wives' tale about how cats suck the breath out of babies. :-)

LizardBreath said...

Ok, a little reassurance is nice. I hope they get along like old pals, I really do! I think that Miss C already enjoys the purring (they matched heart rates for a long time!) so we might get lucky!