Sunday, May 6, 2007

35 weeks and counting AND Baby shower!

Wow, what a busy week! First we should address these pictures. OMG! I am getting huge! I swear, I am standing the exact same way as before, Little Miss C just decided to punch out a few doors and make more room in there for herself. Trust me, it feels like she is using a sledgehammer sometimes! Other than that, we're doing well. My back is much better and DH is finding creative ways of getting me to slow down (darn him!).
The shower! Oh my gosh, I don't know where to start. First, thank you to K and J for setting it up and decorating, the house was beautiful. I hated to have to take it down. Second, to all who where here in person or in spirit, I don't know what i did to deserve such wonderful friends and family as you, but DH, Little Miss C and I truly appreciate everything you did and continue to do. Its overwhelming. So much so that, truth be told, Little Miss C didn't let me sleep at all last night (might have had a little something to do with cake so be sure to check out the photos Thank you K for being the recorder, due to your hard work I will get the Thank you cards out early this week!
DH and I have to do a little inventory and accounting and get moving. He called yesterday the "lever" day where before it we couldn't go shopping and today we can, so we need to figure out what else Miss C needs. We're in that first time parent preparing for baby's arrival mode (OK, maybe not as totally freaked out as we will get in a couple of weeks, but we're getting there!) and need to get our bags packed and ready to go. I told him we have to pick up the stroller soon (its so cute, you guys, all pink and stuff. I know "there she goes again"!).
Oh, let's talk about party games, shall we? There is apparently a game (Thanks P!) where people guess how big my belly is! That would be cool except that everyone guessed at least a foot larger than it was! Some people guessed my belly was bigger around than they are tall! Holy cow! ;-)
Well, that's pretty much it for now. Like I said, I uploaded the pictures and put a link earlier in this entry. Everything is so cute and so small. Alphagal and E-baby, note your adorable socks aren't in the pictures because they are on my desk where we oohhhed and ahhhhed as soon as we got them (as per your directions!). Miss C will love them, thank you so much.


Cat said...

Looks like the shower was a lot of fun and you got some cool stuff! And you look fabulous. You look like a tall, slim, very pregnant lady! I'm glad DH has you taking it easy now and then. :-)

LizardBreath said...

It was fun though we really wish you could have been here! I went shopping a little today and picked up some items we needed (can you believe we had no diapers, really, none!;0). DH is working hard to keep me from doing too much. I am so lucky, aren't I?