Thursday, May 24, 2007

Another day

Good morning! Well, we made it through another day. In case I didn't mention it, we met with a couple of realtors on Tuesday to discuss selling our place here in Socal before we transfer north. Hopefully we will be meeting with a couple more today so we have something to compare to. It's not that we think it will be a challenge to sell our place (we love it but don't want to keep two mortgages and all that) but we have some caveats about not showing the house without us knowing about it, not having a lock box (I would absolutely freak if anything happened to Sammy, which includes her getting out because some realtor left the front door opened while showing the house etc) and all that. I hope this will be simple, but who knows.
In other news, Miss C has dropped precipitously over the past week. I know, it seems to have taken a while. I am not sure how long its supposed to take so I guess this is normal. Its interesting that we noticed a drop from the time I left for work yesterday to the time we went to bed. Again, we are in the window and have no idea if Miss C will make an early entrance or what. Just hoping we're ready.
Well, that's pretty much it. A rather boring entry but hey, I can be pretty boring at times!

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