Thursday, May 3, 2007

A period of tremendous growth

Well, its only been a few days but I do believe that Little Miss C is HUGE! She/we are showing a lot more than we were in the last set of photos. Rather than change the schedule, I am still going to wait until Saturday to take new ones. You'll just have to trust me on this.
Alphagal and her DOM are awesome! We were talking about a trip DH has coming up at the end of the summer and rather than leave me to figure out the going back to work, child care, alone with Little Miss C, they are going to come out for a few days! Yippee! I will definitely count it as both birthday and Christmas! Besides, Little Miss C and e-baby will get to hang out. Its a must, you know?!
Other than that, the really cool baby shower is Saturday. I promise to post pix on my flikr account afterwards. To get to that, click on the badge that has the pix of Little Miss C and then select the sets. It will let you see the other sets we have posted. I recently added one, the preggers pix. Basically I took all of the photos we have been posting here on a weekly basis and made them a set so you can actually see week 28 and then realize that we GOT BIG by week 29. Or just compare week 28 to week 34 (holy cow!).
We just can't wait to meet Little Miss C. Can you? ;-)


Cat said...

I can't wait! C'mon, little miss c, let's get moving!

I also can't wait to come out and see y'all. Mom and I are SO excited.

LizardBreath said...

We're excited about you all coming out to visit too! Miss C won't let me sleep in, even now. Nooooo, she has to try and kick out a tummy wall. Ugh. Never thought I would get tummy aches this way. Can occasionally see a bruise too. Strong, athletic little one, eh?