Sunday, May 13, 2007

36 weeks AND Happy Mother's Day?

Well, its been an interesting week all told. We're now "full term" (depending on who you talk to). 36 weeks, holy cow! I don't think we've gotten much bigger over the past week but then again, its difficult to judge from my angle. In fact, looking at the last two sets of photos make me think it must be in how I am standing because I swear I look bigger a week ago! Ah!
School is done for the semester and it couldn't have ended a minute too soon. I admit I am frustrated by the fact that I didn't perform as well this semester as I have in the past. I am a bit angry and upset with myself that I failed to do as well as normal but then i have to consider how this semester was different from those before. Well, the big difference is, of course, I am quite pregnant. I guess this doesn't make a difference for some but apparently it did for me. I have decided to take off until next spring to give us time to bond and later to move. I don't want to try and finish my last two classes (yep, frustrating!) while moving with a three month old.
Ok, the second part of this post. I am not sure if I rate the wonderful card the ever thoughtful DH got me. I am already overly emotional (yep, as per the books, the hormones came back in force this month) but am I really already a Mommy? How do you decide? Little Miss C won't be with us for a little while yet (of course, her decision on when!) but I don't know if I should receive these lovely sentiments.
Speaking of Mother's Day, here's wishing all of you (Alphagal, Poobou, PH, JT, TS and all of my dear friends) a wonderful Mother's Day. I hope you are feeling as loved and cherished as you should.
Well, have to get out to the pool. Been a bit more worn down this week but I am trying to keep up with the workouts. DH spent all day yesterday moving stuff from the house to a storage unit so we can start showing the place next month. I trust he knows what he is doing so when he asks me to pack up clothes I don't need until we move, I just trust that he's not messing with me. Anyway! That's all for now. Go on and have a wonderful weekend!


Cat said...

Of course you rate a card! If it makes you feel better, call it a Happy Mother-in-Training's Day card. :-) THIRTY SIX WEEKS! If you go into labor TODAY, your doctor won't call it "premature." Such a thin distinction, and still such a comfort. Stick a fork in that baby, she's cooked!!! Now wait 4 more weeks.

Thank you for the mother's day wishes, and happy mother-in-training's day to you!

LizardBreath said...

I am so frustrated! I went to the doctor today and he seems to think I gained too much weight. There is a discrepancy between his scale and the one at my gym and, oh yea, my flight suit and boots weigh at least 5 pounds. So now he's telling me to go to a nurtionist (whose hours suck, let me tell you!) and figure out why I weigh this much. Oh yea, anyone seen the pictures. Do I look like I am huge? I may feel it but... Argh!

Cat said...

YOU ARE NOT HUGE!! Yes, your abdomen is huge because there's a full-sized BABY in it, but the rest of you looks perfectly normal.

I meant to say earlier that you look great. The 1st thing I thought when I saw these pictures was "wow, Lizard's so slim!"

The doctor has no clue. Or eyes.

LizardBreath said...

If you say so. I have to admit, this visit wasn't exactly the best time for doc to question my weight. I mean, what am I supposed to do now? I am dealing with the extra hormones at the end too so you know I am not taking this very well. I am the one who has to deal with losing the weight and I do watch what I eat. DH is convinced i eat healtier than anyone else he knows! Its just so annoying. Doc told me Miss C is in the same position as a month ago (on her side, head down) but I am convinced he is mistaken since she kicks the crap out of me all over the top. Maybe he's just nuts?

Julia said...

Hi Liz,

Julia here! About the weight. First off, deduct and automatic 9-12 pounds in the first 2-3 days after Miss C's birth. I want to assure you, (coming from a woman who gained way too much weight on her first child), you are a shining example of what to do when you are pregnant! You are in excellent condition and your doctor is only
doing what they do, nag expectant mothers so that we don't go overboard like I did my first time around. My doctor didn't nag me and I took that as my eat what
ever I want pass, it took a long time for me to get back into the shape I wanted to be, only to be thrilled to get pregnant with #2. Well, I can tell you this pregnancy has been wonderful! I feel so much better than the first. I'm giving myself 20-40 pounds - and know I did it the first time, I'll slim down again. I've also seen the extreme Mom's who start starving themselves as soon they give birth (not a good idea if nursing) because I personally think we gain extra weight to compensate for the first 6 weeks of the babies life as you will be running YOUR butt off, literally. 12-16 hour shifts, little sleep and total bliss. When you are holding your daughter in your arms for the first time, worries about weight and school
will fade into nothing. You must “pay to play” and you are earning a very special set of golden wings, those of motherhood. I often said “pregnancy takes your feminine vanity and pulls it through a knot hole.” Honestly, I'm better for it because it showed me what ever shape my body is in now, it gave me a beautiful baby, love it, cherish it because it's a privilege some women never get to experience. This is the most important thing you will ever do outside of marrying your husband in your life. One day after Sarah was born I said “I thought I knew everything, I thought I had it all figured out,
I realize now, I knew very little about what was truly important in life.” Keep it up Mama, you are doing GREAT! Great Blog, it' in my bookmarks! :)

LizardBreath said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I am trying to stay focused on what's important rather than the numbers. To be frank, the numbers scare the crap out of me, but it's all worth it in the end, right? Thanks for reading!