Sunday, April 29, 2007

34 weeks and counting

Well, we're now at 34 weeks! Holy cow. I've noticed that its around this point that people start to comment on how quickly "this has gone for [us]." That makes me laugh. No, really, its been a long road, but hey, if you want to think this has gone quickly, go right ahead. Its usually the folks at medical or work that make those comments.
My back is getting better, but hey that was bound to happen at some point, right? I'm still "taking it a little easier" as per DH's request. He does take lots of walks with me, even short ones at night in hopes that I will be able to fall askeep before Little Miss C starts back up kicking the heck out of me. She is quite the soccer player, this one. I guess we're just waiting now.
Have an appointment next week to tour the delivery deck. I know, probably could have done this sooner but it didn't seem to make sense. Other than that, we're kosher on making the baby burritos and changing her diapers. Been doing my homework about how to transition her from Mommy only feeding to Daddy and Day care (seems the little one's get confused if Mommy gives them a bottle, makes sense to me).
We talked to DH's folks last night (do it about once a week, to be serious) and they are anxiously awaiting Little Miss C's arrival. We've been told to "let them know when they can come out." So polite about it! I know they want to be out here for all of it, first grand child and all, but its so sweet that they are being so darn patient. I am so lucky!
That's pretty much the update for now. I am sure these posts will get more exciting once Little Miss C joins us but until then you get little 'ole me!

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