Sunday, April 15, 2007

32 weeks and counting

Do we still go by weeks at this point or do we say we are in our 8th month? I must admit I am a trifle confused when it comes to the transition point! I have figured out the belly is all in

how you dress her. I mean, think about it, if you wear tight clothes, the belly shows more, right? I wear most of my clothes under the belly; I think she shows less then. Anyway!

I am going back to work on Monday after a week off. I took time off for C & M to be in town and just because. We have so many days we are required to take per year and can only "roll over" (you know, like cell phone minutes) so many. Well, as it turns out, I am maxed out on my roll over and the military is generous enough to give me 42 days to convalesce (free leave to recover) after the baby is born. So... I have to find creative uses for my remaining leave in order to not lose it. I am making the most of it by using it to find the house, work on school stuff, etc. I will keep a few extra days on the books in case I need them later this summer.

Well, that's about it. DH made it back yesterday, yippee! Both the cat and I are thrilled to see him. Little Miss C expressed her pleasure throgh numerous belly thumps upon hearing his voice (or that was because of breakfast, not really sure;-))


Cat said...

Once you're in 3rd trimester, there's no use trying to show less-- just let your belly fly! Use it to push doors open or shove people out of your way. Use it as a TV tray! Use it as an excuse to take up twice as much sapce in bed! Be proud of your belly! :-)

LizardBreath said...

DH says "Thanks!" We've been having belly discussions especially since he has been gone a week. I think that someone is trying to show off for everyone (read: Catie) but then again, maybe we can just feel her movements (and her kicks, did I mention that she is going to be either a soccer star or a really good swimmer??!) that much more. Either way, the belly is definitely showing.
A neighbor stopped me at the grocery store the other day. Guess his wife was curious but didn't want to ask so he was elected to be the "rude SOB" and inquire if indeed we were expecting (yea!) or if I had simply eaten one of my coworkers whole. I assured him that we are happily expecting our darling little one in June and now all of the neighbors have breathed a sigh of relief. Apparently said neighbor's wife has passed the word about the little one so no one is wondering any more and feels free to ask how we are coming along. Never realized I was causing so much trouble in our little neighborhood with my belly! ;-)