Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Six weird things about me

Wow, never been tagged before. Let's see, six things weird things about me... It shouldn't be that difficult, right?
One... Might not sound really weird, but I speak Chinese. While this isn't itself weird, I have this uncanny ability to pick up other languages rather quickly. For example, when we went to Europe this summer, though I never studied French, by the time we left Nice, I could get most regular things accomplished. Rome was the same way though since I studied Spanish in High School much of that was just a tweak from Spanish to Italian. Because of all of this, if I hear something in Chinese that is said incorrectly, I swear my ears are bleeding!
Two... I sing to myself a bit. Not just when there is a good song on the radio. I can be walking, typing, or even reading and you might hear me singing to myself. I think DH is aware of it (we have been married for quite a while now). I wonder if Catie enjoys it.
Three... Like Alphagal and Poobou, I hate it when people use incorrect grammar or the wrong word. I don't mean just "affect" vice "effect", though you would be shocked by how many people can't figure that one out. This weirdness goes into spelling as well. I get these documents sent to me from other people and spend a significant portion of my time making sure they don't sound like complete fools.
Four... I hoard food. Not junk food like Poobou but normal food. My freezer is almost always full as is my pantry. With just myself and DH right now it seems a little silly, but I think its a throw back to when I was little. If we get down to one or two of something I think is important to have on hand, I make sure we get more. Luckily DH is willing to live with this proclivity. On the plus side, you never go hungry in my house, which I think is the whole point.
Five.... I love towels. Not just any towel mind you, but big, fluffy towels. I have at least 2 dozen in the house and again its just DH and myself. Go figure. Again, this is probably a throw back to being a child and having to share a towel with one of my siblings.
Six.... My finger tips curve at the ends. No, really. When I put my hand down on a flat surface, the tips are all curved up. I can't straighten them out either. It is just one of those "things".
Well, I would love to "tag" someone, but everyone i know who blogs has already been tagged.

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