Saturday, April 21, 2007

33 weeks and counting

Well, another week has gone by. Depending on who you ask, I look larger or I look the same. The biggest difference I have noticed is how busy little miss C-baby is. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, she practically dances to music. I think its the neatest thing but it can be painful. In fact, I fully expect to find my belly laden with bruises one of these days. She's a strong little one!
We're very excited and getting more so every day. It's difficult not to go out and buy everything we see, but we are being patient. We have terrific friends and family who want to share in this and make small purchases for c-baby. So until we know what she has already, we're holding out.
School is still going reasonably well. As with other things that take up our time, its getting more challenging to pay attention when the little alien tries to poke her little hands and feet out. I was in the middle of a meeting on Friday when I had to sit back and put my hand on her little head to calm her down! I swear, my belly had more waves than the ocean, she was so busy!
Well, that's pretty much it. I hope you all are enjoying watching the growth as much as I am. I promise if I can get a photo of her little feet sticking up, I will. Until then, you'll just have to take my word that she is rambunctious! I can't wait!

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