Thursday, April 12, 2007

Nesting already?

Ok, maybe I am just bored because I am on leave (code word for vacation in the military) and DH is on the road, but I keep thinking I must have reached the nesting phase. I am starting to work on scrapbooks for our European Vacation this past summer and for Little Miss C. I don't know if I am even doing them right since I am not nearly as creative (or patient!) as the pictures I have seen. I just want to get this done before Little Miss C gets here. I know I won't have any time once she gets here!
School is nearly over (thank goodness) and I am having trouble concentrating on my last two HUGE papers (both 25 pages!). I know I took this on myself, but argh! I know I can get through this but at the same time I have to wonder how crazy I was to take on this responsibility so close to Catie's due date. Luckily, school does end in early May. I am sure this is just a slump, but it is frustrating.
Other than that, not much else of note. Just trying to figure out what schedule my little one is on since she seems most active whenever I am the least! Is this normal?

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