Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Just thinking out loud

We've discovered that c-baby is a dancer, even in the womb! We listen to music as often as possible and while still inutero, c-baby stops, listens to the tunes then jams! I can only imagine how she will react once she is sitting in my lap! I am excited about the idea of having some baby einstein available for c-baby to enjoy (or just some cool tunes!). I believe she responds the most to Cold Play, Norah Jones and KT Tunstill. Its just cool (a little odd at times but cool none the less!).
On another note, no pun intended, my back is still tweaked. I am stretching as much as my back will allow, using those heating patches and trying to take it easier. I am even considering not swimming in the morning just to take it a little easier on my back. I just need to get better otherwise I walk with a shuffle!
DH's sister should be in town this weekend to celebrate her b-day. Second little brother's b-day is tomorrow. I can't believe he's already 24! OMG! Have we all aged that much?


Cat said...

He has, but we have not. ;-)

LizardBreath said...

Good, just checking! ;-) C-baby here is keeping me on my toes. Did E-baby dance a lot or show you her karate moves in the last couple of months? Is this something I should expect to continue for the indefinite future?

Cat said...

Yup, e-baby kicked the heck out of me. She also got wedged in with her knee in my ribs on the left side for over a month-- she's roll back and forth but that knee stayed put. You could see it.

It slows down in the last month because the baby runs our of space to practice her kicks. Actually, yours might not run out of space. You might have Saturday Night Fever going on until the very end.

Which, by the way, is coming up pretty soon. Just another 2-3 weeks until you have weekly doctor visits, right?

LizardBreath said...

Ok, now you are just scaring me. So far we are dancing to any and all music. Same moves regardless of the tunes. I can't wait to meet her!
Not sure if she will quite run out of space. Being an amazon certainly has its advantages when it comes to c-baby. Lots of folks I see on a daily basis on my walks around base are just now realizing that I am pregnant so I think she has been well hidden.
My next appointment isn't until 36 weeks then we do every two weeks. It's "military medicine." I thought I would be up to weekly visits but doc didn't mention that. Should I ask again?