Friday, August 17, 2007

DH is home!

DH got home yesterday. Ten minutes after Miss C and I got back from work/school, I got a call requesting a showing. Go figure. No complaints, trust me, we need to sell the house, but doesn't it just figure that the first time DH sees Miss C in over 2 weeks, we have to scramble to show the house? Ah, well, we're making up for it today. DH and Miss C are spending today together while I am at work. I am sure they are having a great time.

For those of you who have known myself and Alphagal forever, the photo I am including here (from Alphagal's collection) was taken during the recent visit. The pose should look familiar since we took so many totem pole photos starting back in high school! Its a natural pose when one of you is 9 inches taller than the other. Makes it easier on the photographer. Anyway, this one is slightly different because we have more than just the two of us in the photo. And, yes, Miss C is asleep (great walk!).
I plan to take tons more photos now that DH is home. Hope ya'll have a great weekend! I know we will.

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