Wednesday, August 1, 2007

DH had to leave on a work trip today

DH left today for his most recent work trip. Its the first time he had a trip since Miss C was born. Its the first time the three of us aren't in the same place. Its weird. I took Miss C into school a little later than normal today so she could spend more time with her Daddy. I am on leave but I have to do some work still. Nothing big, just flight physical stuff and we already agreed I would keep taking her to school so we are both still used to it. She had a normal day and I got some stuff done that would have taken quite a bit longer had she been home. We've been home from school for an hour now and Miss C ate and already had a nice nap (about 45 minutes, which for her is good). We are watching the ceiling fan in the den. Normal day. I miss DH already and I am sure he misses both of us. I am attaching a couple of recent pictures of DH and Miss C so when he gets a chance to check here, he will see them. Hope ya'll are having a fun day too!


Cat said...

I bet it broke his heart to go. Miss C will be SO happy to see him when he gets home, though!

LizardBreath said...

I promised to take tons of photos and videos. I am sure Miss C is learning to pose like E with all of the filming going on here! He's acting all manly, like its a short trip (same stuff we said when we had to be apart when it was just the two of us). I know he hates it but what can you do? I mean, what does SNG do when you take E on trips with you, right?