Friday, August 17, 2007


Holy cow! Ok, so I just posted about DH being home and spending the day with Miss C while I was at work. Well, when I got home DH told me that Miss C has been doing something with her hands. WHAT?!! She found her hands today! Really! She's been starting to notice them, but she FOUND THEM! Check out this great picture of Miss C and her Pooh. I am sure that E-baby's visit had something to do with this discovery, either by showing Miss C how much fun hands are or how much fun Pooh is!
OK, second HUGE find today.. Miss C is getting a tooth! Yes, really! I even saw it (that took forever to peek in her little mouth without her tongue coming out or trying to bite your finger!). The bottom front left tooth is just starting to break through. Well, that certainly explains all of the extra drool!

Well, you'll have to forgive me, but i have to get back to Miss C!

Have a great weekend!

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