Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A busy week

Well, its been almost a week since DH left on his business trip. Little Miss C and I have been having a great time, spending lots of time together playing, talking, the normal stuff. She still goes to school a few hours a day during the week to give me a chance to take care of the house and stuff relating to our upcoming move.
Alphagal, E-baby and DOM are coming out Thursday which coincides with Miss C's two month day and, gasp, her two month check up. Poor Alphagal and company have to deal with us after Miss C's first real immunizations. I don't really count the Hep B shot she got at birth since she was crying to begin with. DH is missing this milestone but I am sure he's not too upset at missing the immunizations. According to everyone i have talked to, the shots hurt Mommy more than baby. I've decided to bring my baby Tylenol with so I can just give her however much the doctor permits right away to alleviate the pain as quickly as possible.
I attached yet another photo (you all have got to be getting sick of me and my photos!) of Miss C and her infectious grin. I just love her to death! She is awesome!


Cat said...

Poor little C. Really, though, it's poor Mommy.

May I recommend giving her the Tylenol a few minutes before they give her the shots. It'll give it a chance to start working faster.

I've tried nursing e immediately before and immediately after shots, and I think it's better to have a nice, full belly when the shots hit. You can still nurse afterwards, just for comfort, even if she isn't getting much food.

LizardBreath said...

Sounds like a plan. I already put the baby tylenol in her diaper bag so I will just ask the doctor how much she can get and give it to her then, before she gets her immunizations.
Funny story. The teacher at school today told me that she makes the other teachers count when they burp Miss C. Miss C has to be burped a lot before she gets it all out. Well, apparently, 4 is the magic number. So after each bottle, the teachers can't stop burping her until she burps 4 times! On the plus side, she is not difficult to burp. She's just gassy, my little angel!