Sunday, August 26, 2007

Playing, teething and growing, oh my

Well, its been a few days and Miss C is doing as well as ever. She met my second brother, J, when he came out for a visit. Don't they just look cute together?

In addition to her teething and normal playing, it seems like Miss C might be in the midst of another growth spurt. Now, here's my question, when are babies not in a growth spurt? Miss C grew 4 inches in her first two months and I am sure she has already grown at least another 1/2 inch. I think DH and I are just two of the luckiest people though. Despite going through all of this at a very young age, Miss C is as talkative and playful as ever. OK, so maybe today she decided that she needed a nap in Mommy's arms, but who can deny their little one that comfort? She's just terrific.
Aside from my motherly gushing, our visit with J went great. His business is doing well and he finally got a chance to visit us, which always includes extra sleep! It was nice to see him again. The last time we saw him was over Thanksgiving.
We're still trying to sell the house. We're also trying to get our pack out done for our move up north. DH is going to go ahead of us towards the middle of the month so when Miss C and I fly up, he can meet us at the airport etc. We should be closing on the new house in a couple of weeks then moving permanently a couple of weeks after that. Sammy is already a bit perturbed since we have been moving stuff around the house for showings, but she will be even more pissed when we have to board her during our trip to close on the new house. It'll be OK though.
Well, that's pretty much it. Keep your fingers crossed that we get another showing and perhaps a valid offer on this place soon! ;-)

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