Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Yea sleep!

OK, so if you have been keeping up, you know that Miss C is teething and luckily found her hands so she can help herself. Her teachers comment on how active she remains, including her new found love of toys and tasting them!
Well, yesterday Miss C decided to take a rather long nap after an early dinner. About 6 pm she decided she was tired and slept for about 40 minutes. Plenty of time for DH and myself to enjoy a leisurely dinner. I was a little worried that she wouldn't sleep well since she had that long a nap. I apparently had little to be concerned with.
After getting up from her nap, we took Miss C upstairs and got her ready for bed. This routine consists of lotion and pj's followed by reading or talking with her. Every other day there is also a bath but last night wasn't a bath night. After she was dressed, we played with Miss C upstairs. You know, talking to her, blowing kisses, all that fun stuff. Around 720 I took her back downstairs for second dinner. She likes to be full for bedtime. She ate heartily for about 10 minutes then she was out. I mean, out! We decided, what the heck, kid's tired its right around her normal bed time, let her sleep and put her in bed.
I didn't hear a peep out of her until 345! I swear! She slept for over 8 hours! She woke up and let me know she was STARVING but otherwise fine. She ate and went right back to sleep. The only "oddity" was she woke up at 5 am crying. I picked her up and cuddled with her and walked for about 5 minutes and she was back asleep. We think it was her teeth. In either case, holy cow! She slept 8 hours! I don't quite consider that sleeping "through the night" because she didn't get up for school until 6, but its a huge step. It seems like she is getting more sleep every night.
Well, keep your fingers crossed that this trend continues! My brother J is coming in town today so Miss C gets to meet another Uncle! Yea! Its bound to be another fun visit!


Cat said...

Now if you can get yourselves to sleep at 7:30 every evening then you'll feel like you're on vacation!

LizardBreath said...

Yep. If we could do that, we would be in heaven. Instead, we do things like have dinner together quietly, do dishes, laundry, other house work. You know, that stuff we put off to spend time with Miss C during the day. Ah, well, its getting better and every day is a blessing so if I don't get more sleep, well, I will get more later, right?