Monday, July 30, 2007

Growth spurt

Poor Little Miss C. I know I have been writing about how active and happy Miss C is, despite her young age, but she isn't as active or happy today. We think she is feeling the effects of this latest growth spurt. Instead of playing most of the after noon, Miss C has been napping more than ever. I know, most babies her age do sleep this much, but every baby is different and this one likes to be awake and play. This is why I feel so bad for her. She wakes up ravenous, eats longer and harder than before and then goes to sleep. At school her teachers have commented on her reaction to their pulling away the bottle to burp her halfway through. Needless to say, its not a pretty sight. Apparently Miss C gets beet red and yells like a banshee! Otherwise she is just the happiest little girl in the place. Poor baby. I know she has gained some weight and gotten a little longer recently so I know why she is being like this, but as all Moms know, you want to do everything you can to protect your little ones. I only hope she gets back to her normal, happy self soon. Until then, I will hold her as close as she will allow and soothe her poor aching baby body. Baths and lotion are the call for the day and lots of cuddling. Can someone who has gone through this tell me if I am doing this correctly?


Cat said...

I think you're doing just fine! She's not in pain, just HUNGRY and TIRED. If you let her get lots of sleep and feed her often when you're with her, then in a couple of days, she'll turn her nose up at milk and be ready to play some more.

She might also have a little bit of a bug from starting daycare. Any runny nose?

LizardBreath said...

Ok. No runny nose but lots of sneezes. So tired though!